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MArkus acting cool..

Yesterday happened something funny...or i dont know is it funny now when we talk about this and its kinda scary at what things kids expose us.
Markus, my friend son..was very bored and he called 911 to say something is burning!!!!
The woman asked him where? in his house? and where is he, is he k...????????
The lady treat this call very serious, plus Markus was acting very good...lol
So he said yes...and explain how fire is burning his skin...how his soul is almost dieing..and other few things...ha ha
Well funny or not, woman send the firemen to come and resolve the situation....
But surprise........when they arrived Markus was playing...and explain "only his soul was dieing, cos he is in love of his teacher and he feels she cheat him (teacher is married)"...lol; can u imagine how at 6 love is burning ur soul...and u need to call 911 to help u with this??????????????..This is great...!!
The fireman was so pissed...ha ha...

My friend had to pay 500 euros for Markus joke...plus Markus said...all this make him feel better !!!!!!!
So attention please 911 can help ur soul if u are heartbreaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fishh00k says:
that is one of the funniest and most poetic things i have ever heard of from one so young
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
skydiver says:
Hahaha, what a funny story. I love the "childish simple" way of thinking of Markus.
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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MArkus acting cool..
MArkus acting cool..