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The sculpture park which we biked to, just by looking at the monks in the distance you can see how big the sculptures are.


Arrived in Nong Khai this morning on the border with Laos after an overnight train from Bangkok. The train was a definite experience as it was so hot and we were right next to the toilet which smelt very bad! We were also sleeping on the top bunk on a moving train which isn't the most comfortable thing. So all in all it wasn't a good nights sleep.

We were so excited to meet cat though and it was good to see her. We got a tuk tuk to her dorm which is very spacious but the heat hits you as there is no air conditioning.

We went for a drimk and snacks at Mut Mee's which is a beautiful guest house right by the river and then we had sticky rice for lunch which I really like.

Helping cat to teach
I had to ride a bike for the first time in about 10 years which was a little hell raising but I managed. As westerners we stand out a lot more her which is sometimes a bit scary, but its nice to go to a place which is more Thailand than europe/america. You get more of a flavour of Thai culture and the people are so welcoming.

In the evening we went to the temple to teach the monks, as cat has mentioned you aren't allowed to pass them anything and you have to sit facing away. They are really friendly and we just had to chat to the older ones. We had Phad Thai in the evening which was so cheap but so tasty and then went out to a club. The music was an interesting mix of english and thai but we bopped away anyhow.


Today we got up bright an early after not much sleep and went with Cat to teach english.

A sunset cruise looking over to Laos
Its their holidays at the moment but they are runnning a summer camp in the mornings. The kids are very sweet, but they can't speak very good english so it is quite difficult to teach at times. Cat did a grand job though and we tried to help as best we could.

In the afternoon we cycled to the sculpture park ( my dad would be proud). The sculpture park isn't like anything I have ever seen. The stone sculptures are huge and so detailed. They were all brought over the border from Laos, and there are all different types of buddhist and hindu symbols. It was just breathtaking to see.

In the centre is a sort of museum to the guy who created the park. We had a tour from a guy whose english was unrecognisable, but you just had to nod and smile. He made us ring all the gongs three times as is the custom and then the bells.

Helping out with the babies
The last room in the museum has to be seen to be believed. It all focuses on the death of the man who created the park. There are pictures of him in hospital, his wheelchairs, his bed, and then best of all photos of his bloody vomit! There are three of these photos and they are framed and were pointed out to us.

Through a glass window there lies the man's body all decorated in fairy lights and christmas decoartions. It was the most surreal thing I have ever seen. It is almost as if he has become a god, very very weird.


More teaching this morning and then in the afternoon we helped out at an orphanage for a couple of hours. The kids were absolutely gorgeous and were so well behaved, even though most of them were below 12 months old. There was one little girl who would just throw herself at you when she wanted a hug and another little boy who would throw things at you! The time flew and I was so glad we went.

It was also heartening to know that these children all have families to go to, they are just waiting here until the paperwork comes through. I don't think I would have liked it as much if they had no where to go.

We had another visit to the chinese market to buy some flip flops and a bag and then the final Pad Thai meal which we have grown to love.

The overnight back was a lot nicer than the way up, it was cleaner and we had bottom bunks so we didn't have to hang on for dear life.


Arrived into Bangkok early morning after having a couple of hours sleep and were immediately greeted by Tuk Tuk drivers galore. We stood our ground and got the skytrain back to the beautiful air conditioning. It was great to see Cat but the heat really killed us. We just chilled out and did a bit of last minute shopping, I had a pedicure and Katy had a Thai massage which nearly broke her.

Noodle soup

In the evening we put our glad rags on and headed to a bar which is on the 64th floor of a skyscraper. When we got up there after our ears popped on the lift we were treated to complimentary champagne. We had to wait a while for the outside to be open as it was too windy, but eventually we were allowed out. Its such amazing views of Bangkok because its open air, but you are only allowe dot take photos in a certain area incase you lose your balance! We felt like real princesses, but couldn't spend like them. We had to head back after one drink and went to a bar called Ad makers to meet the people who we had met up with last friday night. We danced to the Thai band and generally had a really good last night in Bangkok.







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The sculpture park which we biked …
The sculpture park which we biked…
Helping cat to teach
Helping cat to teach
A sunset cruise looking over to La…
A sunset cruise looking over to L…
Helping out with the babies
Helping out with the babies
Noodle soup
Noodle soup
Nong Khai
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