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Kakadu national park


Arrived into Darwin very bleery eyed at 4.30am to encounter the typical aussie laid back attitude. Our shuttle bus didn't turn up for ages and then when it did he went inside to have a coffee leaving us all outside!

When we eventually got to the hostel we were impressed at how clean and hotel like it was. Two pools, roof terrace and card key entry, very swish. It was a bit of a culture shock though and is very like a club 18-30 holiday. Not really what we have been used to.

We just chilled out today and slept. We had a wonder round to find our bearings and couldn't get over how many travellers there were. It seemed like a pretty safe town so at least that was something.

Watch out for the crocodiles!

Cooked in the evening with pasta brought all the way from Windhoek and manged to get ourselves into a reality TV programme for the discovery channel! One of the guys in our hostel is being filmed for American TV and we happened to be in the kitchen at the smae time as him so will be in all his shots. How do we manage to get ourselves into these things!


Today we decided to escape the hostel- something which not many people do and we hired bikes.

First we went off to the botanical gardens which was beautiful and full of varied landscapes from rainforest to flower gardens. We carried on and biked to Mindil beach and walked along the beach. There was no one at all in site and it was a clean clear beach, we biked along to east point. The scenery was more and more stunning and no one seemed to be around.

The beautiful view of the national park
We felt like we had our own private stretch of coast. We did although see some aboriniginal people fishing with spears in the low water which was fascinating.

After all that exercise we had a rest at the hostel and then cooked dinner this tiem without the cameras. They were filming the guy surrounded by very attractive girls checking his emails on a lap top. What kind of traveller has an apple mac lap top with them! Its all so fake, not proper travelling at all.

Went to a bar with a live band tonight who were really good and played all the classics and requests, we had a rendition of Mr Brightside and even had some artic monkeys!


Had a bit of a lazy day today and just chilled out and hung out on the terrace. I think the heat had started to get to us, me espcially so I think it was good to have a break.

Darwin beach
Packed for our trek tomorrow and tried to get an early nights sleep, but with our liverpudlian room mates its not always that easy.


7 am meeting for the trek met for a very early 6am wake up call. We arrived at the trek office laden down walking boots, sleeping bags and rucksacs to be met by our trek leader and a couple of the people in our group who seem really nice. After picking a girl up in the suburbs we headed onto the wide open road to our jumping croc cruise. We got to know a little about the nine people we were travelling with, two fiesty italian girls, a norweigen couple, an american, a belgian/dutch girl, a girl from new zealand and us two. So quite an international mix.

A long drive to Kakadu in the morning was broken up by a crocodile cruise. It was a jumping croc cruise and thankfully we did see some jumping crocs, the biggest we saw were 5 metres, but even the small ones were terrifying. The driver of the boat insisted on telling us loads of croc man eating stories and stories about all the stuff that can kill you in Kakadu. We all came off the bus jibbering wrecks!

It was onwards to Kakdu after that and we walked up to a beautiful look out point with all of Kakadu below us, just a sea of green. We had a little paddle in a Billabong after being assured there were no crocs there. The next stop was a walk through an aboringinal art site. We couldn't get our heads round the fact that this art was 1000's of years old as it looked so fresh and new. 

The rain  looked like it was coming in thick and fast so we headed off to our camp site. We were in the relative luxury of dorms because it was still the wet season. We did cook outside and had kangaroo and buffalo which was very nice and then tried our turn at the didgeridoo. Our tour leader jake was very good at it, but it just ade rude noises when I tried and everyone else wasn't much better. I think I need more practice!


Up bright and early for breakfast then we had a day of walking and waterfalls. We went to Motor car falls in the morning and then onto boulder creek in the afternoon. Both were very beautiful, but got quite crowded as more and more tour groups showed up.

After lunch at the falls and the walk back it was time to head back with a trip to a couple of roadhouses and to see the Cathedral termite mounds which are so much bigger than the ones in Namibia.

We had dinner out with a group and it was actually quite sad to say goodbye to some of them. We had to head back early as we needed to pack ready for our 5am bus to the airport and onto alice springs. 


Clarafina says:
hi, i'm heading to darwin in july, and was just wondering what hostel you stayed at and which tour group you booked with? sounds like you had fun! cheers :)
Posted on: Apr 21, 2008
Sarah says:
Sounds amazing hun!! So jealous! Think the Discovery channel's programme would be much better if they sent the camera crew with you two lovely ladies though for a real travelling experience! :) Lots of love xxx
Posted on: Apr 16, 2006
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Kakadu national park
Kakadu national park
Watch out for the crocodiles!
Watch out for the crocodiles!
The beautiful view of the national…
The beautiful view of the nationa…
Darwin beach
Darwin beach
photo by: Sunflower300