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After I said goodbye to Katarina, I packed my stuff in the hotel to travel back to Cusco by train. I had enough time but I checked out and talked with the owner of the hotel. She had traveled to China, told me that her son studied in Lima and offered me a cup of tea. It was time to go to the train station and also said goodbye to this friendly lady. It was very busy at the train station. While waiting a man came to sit next to me and we told each other what we had seen during out trip in English. After a while it turned to be that he was Dutch as well hahaha. Then it was time to jump on to the train but I realized Katarina and I didn't change email addresses or something. How in earth could we forget that. It would have been easy to exchange pictures. The train trip would last for four hours there was nothing I could do about it because Katarina was traveling to Chile after Peru. The only thing I knew of her was that she lived in Vancouver... Bummer. In the train in front of me were sitting an older couple from Guatemala. They traveled with four other people who were sitting next to us. We talked in Spanish and I explained that I traveled in Guatemala in 2006. They were really glad to hear that I loved traveling in Guatemala and were definitely admiring my blue eyes. A couple of times they said muy bonito and of course the other four people had to know this too :-) After admiring the landscape it went dark very soon. The train had a couple of times a wrong track so he had to drive back. Just before Cusco there was an option to get a bus which would drive you to the center of Cusco in 15 minutes. I decided to stay on the train because the woman of the ticket office where I bought the train tickets told me to go to the central station because someone of the ticket office would pick me up there.

Staying in the train wasn't a very good idea after all, the train had to go off hill and drove back and forward to get off the mountain into the valley of Cusco. Although it was a beautiful sight to see Cusco by night, it took more over one hour to get into the city instead of the 15 minutes by bus. Finally the train arrived and after putting my backpack on I walked at the exit of the train station. There were a lot of name tags and pick ups of people but I didn't see my ride or somebody of the ticket office. The woman also said to me if no one was there that I had to wait. So I bravely waited. The doors of the train station were locked and there I stood. It was 10 pm and there was no tourist anymore and the taxi drivers also dissappeared. Out of the sudden a policeman came to have a chat with me. After four hours of traveling by train I did my best to speak Spanish but I think it sounded more like Dutch. I explained that I had a ride and that I needed no help. I explained that I booked the same hostel I had before in Cusco because I liked it very much and showed him the card. I don't think he knew it. After a couple of minutes two policemen joined the discussion and before I knew there were another two policemen so I was surrounded by five policemen. Quite safe!! They discussed the issue which in my opion wasn't there. One of them would bring me to the hostel and I was still standing  with my getting more heavy backpack against the doors of the train station in Cusco.  It was a quarter past 10 and it was probably that the woman didn't arranged anything at all. I said well thannk but I will arrange a taxi. Hahaha, well they arranged for me a taxi, one policeman joined me and said the address to the taxi driver. It was my cheapest taxi ride in Peru of the three weeks I travelled around :-) The policeman accompanied me to the hostel wearing my backpack and rang the door for me. When one of the employees opened the door he wouldn't let me in because it was 10.30 pm. They closed the reception and it was not possible anymore. Not possible? I had made reservations three days ago. Then the policeman said some strong and angry words towards the hostel employee and suddenly it was ok to go in. They knew that I was coming, my name was already filled in at the guestbook. I only had to sign it.  After all I was very glad that the policeman joined me, I think if I would have be alone I just had to find another sleeping place at 10.30 pm. And above all I was quite an adventure richer :-)


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Aguas Calientes
photo by: Vikram