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I got a day bus from Arequipa to Puno. I called a taxi from my Posada and the taxi driver showed me around town, talked a lot in Spanish, boy I would like to speak it better and stopped over at 7.30 am to tank some petrol. I was glad to be early because it was rush hour. It was quite busy but tickets were still available. After handing in my backpack I shopped a little bit and waited for my bus to depart. I was seated next to the window and next to me sat an Australian girl who was traveling with her boyfriend. We talked a lot and of course admired the beautiful landscapes. In the bus we got bingo cards.

The lady on the bus calls the numbers in Spanish through the microphone. It's really good for your Spanish and practicing the numbers. Unfortunately no price for me today but boy we had fun!!! :D

After arriving in Puno in the late afternoon I noticed my appetite was a bit back, after checking in the little hotel I went searching for a good restaurant. After walking over the plaza, admiring the cathedral I saw a tiny little restaurant. I took a quick look at the menu and it was totally ok. I went upstairs and sat on the balcony which was looking out over the plaza. I ordered some chicken soup. Well if I ever visit Peru again I definitely visit Puno again. The chicken soup was the most delicious soup I ever tried in my live!!! After this soup a tradition began, every restaurant I went I ordered a different soup!!! :-D

I booked a trip on Lake Titicaca, it's the highest lake on earth so I'm very curious.

With a taxi I went to the harbor of Puno to search for the boat which would take us to one of the islands in Lake Titicaca. First we went to visit the reet islands of the Uros Indians. We arrived at the island where we sat down in a large circle. A man demonstrated how they make the floating islands of reed. It's very interesting and he explains where the people are living from. Everything on the islands are made from reed, the houses, the boats, the island itself. You can even try some reed to eat :-) It's very funny to walk on the island because it's moving beneath your feet. We also visited a second island, it was easier to walk on because the shortened the reed. The island had even a look out post, of course made of reed.

Then we sailed further with our own boat to the rocky island of Taquile.

Taquile is an island further into Lake Titicaca. When I set my foot on shore I felt terrible again as a result of the altitude sickness, oh boy it's very irritating. Because we had a steep climb and the Island was at 4.200 meters height, I didn't think it was wise for me to walk further. As I turned around a man asked me what I was going to do. Well I explained him of my altitude sickness. The man said well you're not turning back, I walk with you and you're coming with me!! It turned out to be an experienced mountain climber/walker. He explained that if you're living beneath sea level and if you're not used to high altitudes you're lungs are to small because they don't have to work for air at lower altitudes. Well it was a nice experience that someone would help you. We talked a lot and fortunately we didn't arrive there last. At the village square we ate some soup, rice and omelette. It tasted delicious again!!

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Uros Islands
Uros Islands
An Uros man making a mini Uros isl…
An Uros man making a mini Uros is…
The most delicious chickensoup I e…
The most delicious chickensoup I …
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