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Because of the earthquake of August 15th 2007 there wasn't accommodation available in Pisco so I stayed in a nice hotel in Huacachina, nearby Ica. When there were enough people to go on board we set off with a speedboat. First we stopped to see the Candelabra the inca's drew this picture on a hill side into the sand. Because this side of the hill was wind free the drawing of the candelar is still to be watched. Kind of clever, weren't they. Then we all went further and the captain posed like Michael Schumacher because he noticed that I was taken a picture of him hahahaha.

We arrived at the Balastas Islands. Hundreds of birds are there on the islands and of course sea lions.

It's a bit of noisy but a beautiful sight to see the sea lions sunbathing and thinking I'm still relaxed while you guys are floating by. Another special animal to find here are penguins. I thought it would be too hot for these animals but you can find them on the rocks of the Balastas. Because of the amount of birds and sea lions, it can be a bit smelly. And you have also to be aware of some flying liquids dropped by the sea birds hahaha Every half year they will change from scientist, so every half year one scientist is studying the birds.

After the boat trip I shopped at the little stores around the little harbour. It was nice to walk there because the sun was shining and the temperature was just right. Although a couple of houses or buildings didn't survive the earthquake. There are also some restaurants if you would like something to drink. I bought something to drink but I've got only a 50 Soles bank note. The man was pulling some odd faces and ask me if I hadn't any smaller banknotes. No I'm very sorry, no change at all. I don't get it why the atm machines gave me such large banknotes, 50 and 100's, no one could change that. Then the man kissed my 50 note. Boy now I didn't want that note back. But the helpfull man asked something to the man in the kitchen. He shouted something  and the man who was standing in front of me asked me to wait a minute. A couple of minutes went by and the man walked back to me and he could give some change back. 



Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
:-D I could also tell the story of the Peruvian Tourist Board drawing the Candelabra into the sand to attract tourists but I like the Inca story best ;-)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
Biedjee says:
hahaha, they told you the Inca story of the Candelabra? When I was there the theory was that it was created by Dutch pirates in the 17th century :)
Truth is no one really knows who created the image and how old it really is, so there are many different theories.
Good to see you had the area fog free - quite rare!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
Travelbuddys says:
Lookes very nice!!!
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009
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photo by: yadilitta