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From Ica I took the bus to Nazca, when arriving there it was already dark and I took a taxi to a nice hotel. It was a bit further out of town. When waiting on the bus I met a argenita guy and two american. We were talking about our roundtrip through Peru. As it was time to hop on the bus it appeared my seatnumber was in front of the bus at the second deck. We had a really nice view out of the large window, which was really an advantage. A disadvantage was that you could see everything what was lying ahead of the bus, turns and dangerous situations. I was glad that I buckled up. Suddenly when we drove through a little town, a large dog was standing still on the middle of the road. He just wasn't moving forward or backwards.

The busdriver didn't slow down or anything so I put my hand before my eyes so I just couldn't see what was happening in front of me. At last the dog moved away and luckily nothing have happened... Everybody was safe. :-)

We arrived in the early evening and we (me, the Argentinean and the American) agreed to go to see the Nazca lines the next morning. During the bustrip I was told that going with a Cessna airplane was the most stomick upsetting experience ever, so many people will have to vomit. So a lot of good advice was given, don't eat breakfast, throw up in you vomit airplane back etc etc. Well the next morning I woke up I decided to have a good breakfast though. I would see later if we would have a bad pilote hahaha. The four of us went to the tiny airport of Nazca. First we had to fill in some forms and then we saw an educational video with scientist who were explaining the thoughts behind the Nazca lines and who would have made them.

Then we were ready for take off in the  little cessna airplane. It was very nice to sit in a little airplane like that. After a short while the pilot circled over the first lines. The right wing of the airplane pointing to the earth so we could see the lines at their best view. Then the airplane made turn and turned over to the left wing so all passengers could see the lines. This were the stomache acking turns but my stomache hold it :-) It was a bit hard to photographe the lines. They were good to see with the bare eye but looking at the screen of my camera they almost have disappeared into the landscape. In the afternoon I decided to go to the Chaucilla-cemetery dating from the year 1.000 BC. Because of the dry climate the mummy's are in an excellent condition. The buriel site isn't very large but it is interresting if you would like to know a bit more about the lifes of the Inca's.

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photo by: ulysses