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I had loved to walk the two day trekking to Machu Picchu, but as I wrote earlier the Soroche was there and the two day trekking would probably end in a seven day trekking, hahaha. So we decided to take the easier way to visit Machu Picchu ;-) Katarina would pick me up at my hotel at a quarter to seven. I had some breakfast and watched tv at the reception. Katarina was on time so we left and walked to the nearby busstation. I think every 5 minutes a bus left because everybody would like to see Machu Picchu in the early morning. We drove on to a small mountain road which had many sharp curves. If there was a bus riding to Aguas Callientes they could hardly pass each other but everything went ok.
Then it started raining again and we were glad that we had our poncho's with us although we were a bit dissapointed of course. Wouldn't it be nice to see Machu Picchu bathing in sunlight?! But hey we were going to visit a special city. It was never discovered by the Spanish intruders and it has been saved perfectly. It would give a good idea how it used to be back in those days. And seeing all this high mountains who can possibly think that anywhere up here would be an entire city? We arrived at the "gates" of Machu Picchu. Next to Petra in Jordan it is my second hidden city. It wasn't busy at all, of course it was about 7.30 am so it was a bit early. Although I think we were able to catch a bus at six, we thought it would be to early for us :-) We already bought the entrance tickets yesterday and were able to walke directly through the entrance.
We crossed a stamping post and were caught up in a group of mountaineers who walked a trekking. We didn't hike up to Machu Picchu but we got a stamp of Machu Picchu in our passports. For me it was really great, despite of the Soroche I made it up till here and we were free to wander around the hidden city. First it was very mysterious, it was all foggy and it rained. But when wandering around in Machu Picchu the rain stopped and the clouds dissapeared slowly. Eventually we could see Machu Picchu bathing in sun light. The temperature rised and we could take of our poncho's :-) We stopped some where were we could sit and Katarina had a craving for a cigarette. She did lit it for one second and out of the sudden a guard was in front of us telling Katarina to put out her cigarette immediately. They try to preserve Machu Picchu at its best so it can last hundreds of years so next generations are also able to wander around this magnificant place.
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Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz