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When I got into the nightbus in Nazca it was already full with backpackers snoring and it was quite warm. For the people who couldn't sleep there was a Spanish movie which was quite hilarious. I was seated in the front row again and of course this time I buckled up. Next to me was an American girl but she slept very quickly. Because it was very warm in the bus I couldn't sleep very much. The other morning we arrived at Arrequipa. The luggage was unloaded very quickly and I took a taxi to a possada. A nice house with a open space in the middle. The little old lady took my backpack and it suprised me that she could handle such a load. But maybe she was used to it. She showed me my room which was perfect and had a nice view. Because I hadn't much sleep I decided firts to take a (beauty) nap.

When I was awake I ordered some breakfast. I asked if I could use the internet which was ok and while I was internetting I got chills. Maybe it would be the lack of sleep.

When I went back to my room it became much worse. After taking a nap again I had it that cold it must be a fever. Right, just something I could use. There was nothing to do but sicken it out. I had a lot of plans to see things in Arequipa but I stayed in my hotel sleeping for the most of the time. This was the first holiday in my life that I was ill. The second day it became a little bit better and I headed downtown to the central plaza, had a sit on a bench and tried to find the museum of Juanita, the ice princes.

Although I was looking for a building with the name mentioned in my lonely planet, I couldn't find it. A helpful woman gave me directions to the museum and then I saw the guards. Yep it was the right one. We had an English guide and first we saw a movie about the life of Juanita which was found at 5.000 meter. She was sacrificed and due to the icy conditions she was preserved very well. It must have been a harsch trip to the summit of the mountain.

Then the tour began, we saw a lot of objects and beautiful cloting and pottery. Because it was also freezing in the museum I felt worse and worse. There was no chair to find in the museum at all. Because I was tolling at my feet I just sat on the museum floor. The English guide was really thoughtfull and was very concerned about me. Just sitting down for a while was very helpfull and I felt a bit better. I already had in Arequipa altitude sickness despite the coca leave tea. We entered the room where Juanita the ice princess was, she was very well preserved and although she was beaten on her head with an object, you would think that she died yesterday. If you're in Arequipa this is a very nice museum to go to.

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Vulcano el Misti
Vulcano el Misti
photo by: halilee