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After a jetlagged night I woke up because I smelt deliciously fresh homemade bread. My room was next to the kitchen so I also heard the cups and plates rambling. My room was also situated next to the patio, so with one step I was at the breakfast area :-)  There were nice bread, jam, cereal, tea, delicious fruit and pineapple and orange juice. As I was planning to take the bus southwards in the afternoon I only had this morning to see something of Lima. Of course it was way to short so maybe if I'll go back to Peru I will visit this city a bit longer. When I was walking down the streets I searched for a bank or atm machine where I could pin some Soles, so I was able to spend some money.

I tried the first one, but how funny my card just didn't fit into the machine.. No money and I wasn't going to try even more to get my card in as I couldn't use a broken one LOL :-) The next bank my card fitted in the atm machine, I went through the menu but at the end it appeared that the machine was empty. Mmm Houston we have a problem. I decided to go to the seaside. It was a lovely sight although it was a bit misty but my guide told me that almost all year round it would be misty like that. I only walked in the Miraflores area and went to the park and a sort of shopping mall. After walking through the park and the sea side I went to a third bank. It didn't look like a bank and because the sign said that it was a business bank I thought that wouldn't be the bank I could pin some Soles.
So I asked the guard if I could pin inside. He said of course and he joined me to point out where the atm's were. There were 6 atm's at on row, so I pinned here my first Soles so I could buy food and stuff. After leaving the bank I walked a bit further. The area seemed not very familiar to me and when I walked by a golden casino I thought well I would have seen that golden building on my way to the sea area. I knew I had a wrong turn. I walked back and found my hostel.

When I was back at my hostel the owner let me internetting of his reception computer, so I could let my family know that I arrived safely in Lima. I packed my backpack and the friendly owner of the hostel arranged me a taxi. The taxi driver would bring me to the bus station of Lima. As he spoke a little English, he spoke into Spanish and English to me. He told me that I would be set off because I was a tourist. Well thank you for the tip. We arrived at the bus station and he brought my luggage inside and he even arranged me a bus ticket.. set off he said? I think it was very nice of him!!! After waiting and hanging around the bus station my bus was ready to depart to Ica and it was a really comfortable one.


Biedjee says:
8 years have passed since I visited Peru, and it is surprising to read it is still so difficult to get money in this country :)
Back when I was in Peru you could only use the ATM during opening hours of the bank in Holland!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
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photo by: rsvpme