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Although it wasn't very far to the train station the receptionist called a taxi for me. So for 2 Soles he dropped me off at the train station of Ollantaytambo. Well that was quick, because it's was a very short distance :-) When entering the gate the man in uniform told me I wasn't allowed yet on the train station platform. Because I had time enough I was just getting to a cafe across the street when the same man told me I could get in. It was quite busy on the little train station. It was early in the morning and I bought a coffee to go. Outside the building you could sit down on one of the benches. After a while a rather large group came in, I think American or Canadian.

They were very excited to hop on the train. Their guide had his hands full to answer all questions fired at him. Then he got a telephone call. Well he had to reassure all people in his group because a landslide had happened just before Ollantaytambo and no train could reach this place. Well the weather didn't look too bad to me but you'll never know in these mountains. After a while another backpacker came to sit next to me. I already noticed that most people had different coloured vouches. We checked what the difference was. Katerina had one train earlier. The first train which arrived was a very luxurious one and had panoramic view. The story told by the guide of the group couldn't be right.

Katarina's train should be first and after waiting and waiting a train arrived. It turned out to be my train so we changed the possible accomodation where we would stay and I hopped on to the train.

After a couple of hours and beautiful sights I arrived at the train station of Aguas Callientes. It was raining so I pulled over the flight back over my backpack to keep it dry. Then I walked to the hotel I think I liked, it wasn't very far of the train station. When I was in it started to rain very heavily. I was glad that I was in at that moment. I got a really large room with river view. After relaxing and of course waiting until the rain was over I walked into Aguas Callientes and studied the map for a while in search of Katarina's hotel. She went for a quite luxurious hotel, because she definately wanted a hot shower :-) Suddenly I was at the main street of Aguas Callientes it was a steep street so I decided to walk downhill first. I saw a booking office for going to Machu Pichu, that was a thing to remember.
I arrived at the market square and didn't found Katarina's hotel so I walked uphill again. After taking a couple of shelters for the heavy rain I found Katarina's hotel. Now I had to make the receptionist clear that I didn't want to book a room but finding Katarina. Of course I didn't had a last name so it wasn't that easy. Besides that I wasn't sure if she was in this hotel, she also could have made up her mind and checked in at another hotel. But they were very helpfull and I could check the signed guest book. Yep she signed in, it was no problemo to use the phone and although I pretended to be one of the hotel staff she knew it was me right away. Glad that I found her I walked to her room. Oh boy it was quite a little palace. The room was as big as the hotel itself with a very nice balcony. We decided to have some lunch as we didn't had any yet. After admiring Aqua Callenties we decided to search for an internet cafe because it was still raining. We were glad we've got some poncho's so we were at least a bit dry when walking around. After internetting for a while we decided to buy the entrance tickets of Machu Pichu. We were going to Machu Pichu the other morning. As my hotel was around the corner of the bus station Katarina would pick me up at seven :-)

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Aguas Calientes
photo by: Vikram