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When I was doubting to travel to Peru or Ecuador, it became Peru. Land of the Inca's, the high mountain's of the Andes, the Nazca lines, pisco sour and of course Machu Picchu. It also would be my first travel to the South American continent, although I visited central America Mexico and Guatemala. It would be also my first trip on my own. Could I handle this, would I meet some people, wasn't it to far to travel alone? All these questions popped into my mind and when telling other people of travelling to another country on my own their reactions weren't that great: I wouldn't do that ever! It's not really nice! You have to share your travel stories to a travel partner! It's to dangerous for a girl alone!! Well you can figure out that I at a sudden part I would leave that part of traveling alone out of my story.

The fact is you've first got to try it before you can say that you'll like it or not.

Well the day that I would leave arrived quickly. I went up early and I had a ride to the airport. When I was checking in with one of the blue computers I got a ticket from another person and to another destination but not as far as Peru.  Technique isn't always everything so I walked to the check-in desk of the KLM. A nice lady dressed in blue helped me. After typing at her keyboard she grabbed one of her stickers. The airplane of the KLM was overbooked and I was put on a waiting list. I was pretty amazed because I was 3,5 hour before flying at the check-in desk and I wasn't flying a cheap airline either. As there wasn't anything I could do about it, I walked to the gate hoping I was there the first to be before the others who would be put on the waiting list.

I can tell you waiting at that moment seemed to be very long. Just reading a book and keeping one eye at the gate if there would be any movement. It was time to have the security check still not having a boarding card. After the security check and the last sip of water as I had to hand in my water bottle, I walked to the information desk at the gate. The friendly KLM woman asked me to sit down and she would call me if there was a seat available. Very disappointed because I would have to wait longer I sat down. After 5 minutes the woman waved to me and gave me a boarding card. I could kiss her after all!!! Yahoooo, heading to Lima.

My flight mates were a Italian who speak German and a Peruvian man with a translate computer. The Italian man I could understand easily, but the Peruvian man showed some English words to his computer I didn't understand or had seen them before in my live. Hahahaha but we had a wonderful time. We had our own entertainment set so you could decide yourself which movie or tv programme you would like to see. I saw the Dutch movie "Kruistocht in spijkerbroek" twice and of course I couldn't get enough of the English tv programme Globetrotter. Time flies when you're having fun, so we landed in Lima. From the airport I took a taxi to my hostel. When I closed my door of the very nice hostel I thought well this is it......

Paulovic says:
Gefeliciteerd met je kerstcadeau, Jacqueline! Een featured blog! :)
Posted on: Dec 26, 2014
halilee says:
Congrats on your featured blog! Merry Christmas! :)
Posted on: Dec 25, 2014
TB_Weet says:
Congratulations Jacqueline! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015! :-)
Posted on: Dec 25, 2014
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