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Hi dee ho everyone well I spent day 2 wandering around Utrecht got loads of pics and no way of uploading them at this point yet, I also ran around a mall here which was interesting to people watch at, there were these big groups of boys I'm assuming were french cuasing trouble harrassing girls etc etc I noticed everywhere they went the police followed them around they all look like a bunch of boys who should be modeling for ok this is going to sound mean I know but it's just how they looked but they all looked well lets just say the word pretty boy, plus they were making fools of themselves people were shaking thier heads all over doing thier best to avoid them, they certainly weren't doing thier country any good acting like they were, other than that the day was fun I know my way around the mall pretty well now :D

I debated on buying an ipod but they are way more expensive here than back home so I'm still trying to decide if i should get one or not, oh and i actually got approached by some guy asking if i wanted to buy drugs LOL I just looked at him and said no thanks now move along, he followed me for abit til I gave him the glance then he just went off a different way LOL.....I also notice that bikes are huge here and I saw this one place that had tons and tons and tons of them parked in a mass and I'm thinking just how in the hell do you remember where you parked your bike at, they all look the same and it's worse than a parking lot at walmart during the holiday shopping season least you can push your lil button and your horn goes off and the lights flash so you can find your dang car LMAO, anyways as I was wandering I came up with what I'm going call Backpacking Nuts rating system, it's going to work like this

1 backpack and it's not worth seeing

2backpacks and maybe it's kinda sorta worth seeing

3backpacks and it's ok I'll see it

4backpacks definately worth seeing

5backpacks your nuts if you miss this one folks

It'll work the same for reviews I'll do also and yes I had plenty of time today as you can tell to come up with this whole rating system I'm going to use.......can you tell I was bored yet?? :D so anyways I'm lollygagging around the mall and i pass a window and see myself and say OMG I look terrible I need a haircut desperately bad, so mission for tomorrow.....find someplace to get the ole hair cut at and that won't cost me a fortune!!!! Day 3 will be Johns hair cut search mission,so stay tuned for that entry tomorrow and see how it went.............Oh and don't forget I'll be using my NEW rating system soon so keep an eye out for that also :D

freezabird says:
once you get your hair chopped and also outrun the drug dealers, the ann frank house was pretty interesting i thought!
Posted on: Dec 21, 2007
lovely_lori88 says:
haha love the rating system!! melissa and i also had a rating system on our trip hehe. have fun in amsterdam with the drug can definately spot who they are kind of hanging around the canals. what i found was just dont look them in the eye becasue if you do they think you want to buy something and follow you to somewhere less busy to make the sale. also when you walk by they will whisper at you, "cocaine, E, what you want?" haha
Posted on: Dec 19, 2007
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