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Today was a day trip from Kampala to visit Chimp island. The island was set up as a sanctuary for chimps injured in the wild or released from captivity. The entire island is as eco-friendly as you can get. It is supported by locals on nearby islands. The island is 100 acres, 93 of which are entirely for the chimps and is pure rain forest.

Getting to the island was half the adventure. First I left Kampala (with British travelers I met the night before) using the local matatus (mini-buses). We left from the taxi park which is the biggest example of organized chaos you're likely to see. We sat in the back of the van until enough passengers filled it, paid the $1.50 and were off on a bumpy 1.5 hour drive down to Entebbe. Once there we headed over to the lake's edge and waited for the boat to take us to the island.

The 45 minute boat ride took us across the equator.

When we arrived we had coffee and got a quick introduction to the island's activities and purpose . Then it was time to feed the chimps. We walked up to an observation deck as the chimps were going crazy for the upcoming meal. In the choas some of them actually started throwing rocks at us. To get some food that had fallen on the other side of the electric fence (separating us from them) I actually saw a chimp using a stick as a tool to pull the food under the fence so he could eat it. Yet another sign of their obvious intelligence. After the feeding we headed back to the mainland and then onwards towards Kampala.

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