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So far Cancun is beautiful. The trees are a luscious color and since it is a tourist area everyone has to like and help you. It's friggin humid though. I should've known. I'm not sure if I'm liking the tourist aspect of Cancun. I feel like an outsider trying to be budget-conscious but everyone else here is trying to experience "Mexico"

It was hot and humid, but the humongous backpack on me exacerbated the situation. Eventually I found a nice man Raul (well of course he was nice, he wanted his fee to help me find a hostel. "commission".). He helped me find hostels. The first looked decent outside, the bathrooms were nothing to sneeze at though. The other was just bleh, but it at least offered privacy. But the first had air conditioning. That was key. I already experienced the heat, and I needed something to counteract it. Well the second hostel had no one and she was negotiating with me. She was good with Cien Pesos, but when she pushed back with 12 dolares, I knew it wasn't worth it when she changed her price higher. Raul didn't like me as much because he probably got higher commission with that lately, but the fact that 9.50 was listed on his hat made me wary of the actual price. Don't advertise something in clothing that you aren't going to stick with. I parted ways with Raul after deciding on Maya Hostel, which is the one that the reservations guy told me about. But Raul didn't get any commission, so I tipped him a dollar for helping me. But Maya Hostel had air conditioning and no one else was in the room so far, so that was key. I was willing to pay a little more for air conditioning of course. I'm off to check things out around here so I'll post more in a few hours or when I get back after being in the heat...........stay tuned!!!!

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photo by: Marina2710