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satellite image from of Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake Bay. the top circle shows where our campsite was located, the redline shows the path of Romans' & my 5-hour walk, & the circle on the right shows the north end of Virginia Beach.

With summer coming to an end, two friends and I decided to take an impromptu week-long camping vacation in Virginia Beach.  We quickly threw our things together, hopped in the car, and made the eight-hour drive down to Virginia that night.

We crossed the Chesapeake Bay and reached Virginia around dawn.  When we got there we found out that the campgrounds were fully booked, but luckily there was a monsoon at the time, so there were cancellations that morning and we got a site.  As Romans and I started putting the tent up, I asked Fred where the tent poles were.  He answered, “in my garage.”  Doohhh!  So we tied the tent up to some trees with rope to support the canopy - it didn't look pretty, but it served its purpose.

We were camping in First Landing State Park on the Chesapeake Bay side (a 10 minute drive from Virginia Beach).  The first night the three of us went out to a bar (we all had fake ID's) - I think it was called The Loft.  At one point, while we were sitting at the table drinking our beers a couple of bouncers came over and inexplicably ejected Romans.  I had a couple of full beers, so I was slowed at the door when I tried to follow.  To expedite my pursuit, I concealed one beer in the pocket of my shorts and drank the other in front of the bouncer.  Already with a good buzz, I made the poor decision to place the MUG of beer in my pocket and drank the bottle.  You can imagine how much beer spilled into my shorts as I trotted down the stairs after Romans.

Fred came outside a minute later to look for him with me, but Romans was nowhere to be found (we’d later find out that he’d caught a cab back to the campsite).  Walking around town looking for him, Fred and I met some locals and decided to hang out with them at an after-hours bar called The Pavilion until we were unable to keep our heads off the table.  We got back to the tent at 4 or 5 am.  Romans was already there sleeping in the tent with the door open - remember the monsoon?  The tent was completely flooded and I spent the next four nights sleeping in a puddle.

Actually one night we didn't go to sleep at all.  The three of us had been out so late that the sun was up by the time we got back to camp.  Fred told us that he was going to take a walk to the bay beach, but Romans and I decided to eat firs and catch up with him later.  When we got to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Fred wasn’t there.  We thought he might have walked to Virginia Beach and started walking there ourselves.  It was only about a centimeter away on the map, but that scaled up to about seven to ten miles (~11.3-16km).  :-\  FIVE exhausting hours later and following some interesting adventures in Fort Story military base, we arrived at the north end of VB’s long, straight, sandy shore.  Walking down the beach, we could see sky-scraping hotels rise and vanish over the horizon.

Finally, we caught a cab back to camp for lunch and showers.  It turned out that Fried had returned from the bay beach at the same time we were heading after him and we somehow missed each other.  Reunited, we went out to an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet where we packed our stomachs to the brink of rupture.  In the evening, we headed out for more nightlife - still no sleep.  At the door my ID was rejected and my friends’ were accepted.  Understandably, they choose to enter the bar side of the establishment while I was stuck in the kiddy pen - ugghh!  With no beer and my friends on the other side of a chicken-wire fence, my eyelids turned to led and I eventually got booted for sleeping in my chair.

Although we had not planned ahead, were totally unorganized, none of us had much money, and a lot of things didn’t go our way, we still had a raging good time!

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