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 Ok time has come...Varanasi to Hindius is the holiest place in the world. Bla bla bla, your've probably all read up on the jist of things but basically to an outsider its a city where people shit, shower, shave, dump raw sewage, rubbish, cremated bodies, partially cremated and just plain out bodies... Oh and of course drink the water which they swear is absolutley pure and clean despite been one of the dirtiest river in the world..!!! Its a discustingly beautiful city where walking the streets your constantly bombared with sites you'd normally gag at. But some how it is beautiful. Cruzing up the Ganga on a boat and stopping off to witness a cremation full frontal is an amazing site and makes you apprieciate the Hindu's take on the world, and the beauty of a cremation. For me it confirmed my desire to be cremated, but maybe a viking funeral... hehehe..

So whats good to do there. You can't miss a boat ride up the river, both sun rise and sun set are the best times with same same but different things to see (morning bathing and evening cremations). I think its a must to do both. Equally a walk along the Ghats just so you can see the place close up. There is also a buch of temples to visit if your up for it. Now the real treat, Swimming. The thought of doing this is not the nicest, we just saw a dead bloated body face down floating withing a 100mtrs or less from kids happily swimming, but it has to be done to wash away all your sins...! Jess actually chickened out (don't blame her) and I was almost throwing up while walking in. But once in it wasn't so bad, the water actualy tasted pritty sweet. Sometimes when the poo factory back home over flows the waves get full of shit and its probably pretty similar here in water quallity except there weren't any obvious floaties and the water didn't smell to bad. Anyway I took a bottle of fresh water to rinse off straight after except I used it all up on the first swim, so the second one I had with a bunch of kiddies left me panicking for a shower and the biggest scrub of all time.....

If wondering-  I didn't get sick, but did hear of people getting a bit on the ill side... Till then, keep safe

love j and j 

tweedcouch says:
well done mate! Its got to be one of those mind over matter things since the local's seem to enjoy it. Very brave move for a visitor none the less. WAY2GO!
Posted on: May 04, 2009
portia says:
you were very brave!
Posted on: Nov 10, 2006
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