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We had a great train ride to Agra- our first in India. Definately a change from Chinese, Mongolian and Russian trains, but hey- were in India! We were in a booth with 3 young poms and a Indian dude, and 2 fans to cool us down. The beds are just vinyl- no sheets or anything so gets a bit sticky!!! Still, we slept well and arrived safe so that brings us to our next adventure... So I found myself back at the Taj Mahal....who would have thought twice in two years? But to come back with Johnny to the most beautiful monument of 'love' awwwwwwwwwww. and see it with him was well worth it. We rocked up to a not so hectic train station and tuk tuked it to the Taj Mahal. It was closed but the guesthouses are right next to it in the surrounding streets so we hunted around for a half decent room. It was swealtering hot, no kidding, around 45 dergrees. I have never known myself to sweat so much in my life...its gross! We had a feed of Thali- same as Dal Baht (lentil soup, curd, potato curry, chapatis- and all you can eat. They just keep on bringing it out!!) then chilled out on the rooftop watching the sunset with a cold beer in our hands. What a life. Up at the crack of dawn, we walked for two minutes and were at the front enterance of the Taj Mahal for sunrise. We got in and were both blown away. It really is an beautiful monument. We spent a few hours here- easy to do, then headed off for a tuk tuk ride past the Fort and then to get our bus to Jaipur. We had the funniest driver- took us to where the locals get the buses so looked after our wallets well. The rain started to pour not long after we headed off so good timing...
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photo by: rotorhead85