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The Pink City- last time I was here Bec had Delhi Belly and I got proposed to- leading to a very early departure!!! Hmph! Leaving all that behind, we were going to see Jaipur this time! Johnny and I found a cozy place amongst mechanic shops but close to the action, and the first thing we did??? MACCAS! I know, I know but it had been a while and we wanted to have a change from the curries and lentils. Johnny dug into some huge, juicy Mc Tikka chicken burger thing while I tried some wrap - and of course the chips and coke! Yummy- but naughty. So yes. the next day we spent firstly on the back of a motorcycle with a local who wanted to be our 'friend'. He took us to a cool restaurant within the crazy streets of old town called 'Steam', then to a temple, then- surprise surprise- his jewellery shop. And he was asking why tourists are wary of Indians who come and approach us??? After having a very quick look we left him and his buisiness card behind and hit the streets. We visited the Palace, the observatory and the Water Palace. The Water Palace was a rickshaw drive away which meant the driver stopping at 2 shops on the way back so he could earn some baksheesh.....rrrrr. We got soem presents from the last place- a family run house/shop away from the tourist area. By the time we were back in the old town it was the time of day when the clouds let it all hang out. Monsoon season. We were in another rickshaw at this stage, with not much cover so we basically got dreanched. We got out early so we could watch the havoc on the streets and watch the flood water rise....very rapidly! Once it all eased and the floods cleared we headed for eats then hit the sack.
  The following day we wandered the streets of the Bazaars...a mix of all sorts of shops but we spent most our time in the jewellery and clothes shops. Bought some silver- so we were stoked. On our walk back to our hotel a stray but friendly, healthy looking doggie decided he wanted to be part of our gang, so he followed us. To the store. To our hotel. To the restaurant for dinner....and waited outside for us. Then again at another store. The local dogs did not like this and made it quite clear with barks and chasings, meanwhile all the local people noticed what was happening and had a good old laugh! We had named him Dog-Dog by this stage, and he followed us back to the hotel. We said our goodbyes to him and headed to bed. Up at 4am to catch our train to Delhi, we came outside th hotel to find Dog-Dog loyally waiting for us!  We got in a Tuk Tuk and headed to the train station. Dog-Dog managed to keep up with us till some mean dogs attacked him and he lost us trying to fight them off. A sad way to say  bye! The train to Delhi leads us to the next adventure...! Bye Jaipur!

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photo by: oxangu2