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So we found ourselves in the lakeside district which was so peaceful compared to loud and full on Kathmandu! It was from here we were to plan our trek, but found ourselves spending time in 'Once apon a time' restaurant watching movies and eating the yummiest food we have had for a while! The weather was a bit drizzly, and we were told it would be like that for most of the trek, so we werent too sure what to do....chill out or trek for 3 weeks???? hmmm. We decided to do the hard yards! After buying a raincoat and a Permit for the trek we headed to the start...Besisathar, by bus. It was dry and the sun was shining so we dont really know what everyone was going on about! We headed off and loved what we were seeing...lush green tropical scenery, waterfalls, a  wild thrashing lake that we would be following the whole time (except for the pass) and the eco friendly villages that we walked trough with the locals always saying hello. The trek continued UPWARDS  like this for about 3 days, there was always a handful of guesthouses to choose from with ever increasing food prices! At one stage on the pass, we just got plain rice and poured tomato sauce ontop, even that was expensive! Anyways, it was about day 4 that the scenery started to change, and become quite sparse. The higher we went the more alpine the scenery, then it became rockier until there was nothing but peaks. We were told to spend a day climatising in Manang, but once we got there we were quite disappointed with what we saw. SO on we trekked. We found ourselves ontop of the pass on day 7...originally it was going to be on day 12 or something (!!!) so we realised at this stage we were on a roll and would spend a couple of days chilling out in Jomsom.

  We got to Jomsom and got a room with a tv....the socceroos were playing that night! It was a really nice, we got room service and everything...really good food too! We basically laid there and watched our calf muscles contract and turn to stone, it was har to just walk to the other side of the room! hehe! We lapped it up and had a lazy day. Why not? However, this seemed to overlap to the next day. We got up early, all ready to trek fo rthe day when we saw the airport. Yes- the airport. It only serves for little planes by the way, the airport in ridiculously small, but big enough to notice) Why spend 4 days trekking when we can just spend a bit of money and get to Pokhara in 20mins??? Oh, very tempting at that stage. So we did it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well it was my birthday the next day! So there we were sitting in the 'departures' area (it was so tiny!) and one of the staff members comes up to us and tells us the plane is cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha! We were deliriously laughing at this stage. We treated ourselves and bought a Mars Bar each then headed off. 2 days later we made it to Tatopani for my birthday and the hotsprings. Johnny brought me brekkie in bed and made a fuss of me all day, was awesome! Thanks babe. The hotsprings were a bit strange, basically cement square pools but did wonders for our feet!I managed to burn myself at one stage...not a good idea. We had a very 'romantic' dinner -ooooooooooh! along with our first beers in to weeks! We went a little crazy afterwards and bought a selection of cadburys choccies and some codka and coke. Yay! Was a great B'day.

  We spent the next couple of days making our way back to Pokhara, half walking and then a short 4wd trip....with 20 people crammed in! Scary stuff! We stayed at a little riverside town near Beni, where we met two awesome chicks- Eileen and Tuti. We spent the evening chatting, smoking, chatting, smoking, till our eyes wouldnt stay open any more! Eileen and Tuti were heading back to Pokhara too so we met up with them a few more times before hey headed off for a rafting adventure. Hoping to meet up in India! Johnny and I watched the Socceroos play Brazil (we sadly lost) then headed off the next morning for Varanassi, India! YAY!


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photo by: Makkattack