A Tale Of Two Towers (Kuala Lumpur)

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So off to Kula Lumpur the last stop in Malaysia. We arrived in Malaysia and met back up with Sarah and Trent our English friends who had left us before went to Taman Negara. We stayed in a little backpacker’s hostel in the Golden Triangle not far from China Town or the centre. After hearing a few bad comments about KL none of us really new what to expect. We spent four days there and had a really good time. We went to see the tower and went up as high as we could where we were treated to a fantastic view of the city by night, with an interesting audio tour. Little bit of knowledge for, did you know KL tower is the fourth largest in the world will leave you to find the three before it? As well as the KL tower we went to visit the twin towers which are really pretty at night when lit up. I also purchased me computer in KL from which I write this blog. I have never seen a place so dedicated to shopping in all my life. The malls are unbelievable, selling everything you could imagine. One of the malls we went in had over 10 floors with a mini theme park, bowling and cinema. We made the most of this mall and decided to do a bit of bowling. At 60p a game we thought there we might as well. With Henrik topping scoreboard, I came a respective 2nd with Trent a close 3rd followed by Katrine and then Sarah. We also decided to go and kill a bit of time on our last day by watching this crappy film about the Americans saving the world. No doubt the highlight of time in KL was going to the race track of Sepang and watching the A1. I not being a keen car man didn’t think I would enjoy it but I was proved wrong. There where a few different events throughout the day but the main race was mid afternoon. This was the A1 where different countries compete against each other not different manufactures in F1. Me being English obviously went with our boy along with Sarah the other English girl, Henrik being Danish had to go with the Netherlands because Denmark where not representing, Katrine decided to go with Brazil as she like the flag and Trent being Kiwi chose the New Zealand car. Me being the cocky brit that I am decide to wager a desert for everyone if England didn’t beat there cars. As we where starting second on the grid I thought it was a dead cert. unfortunately the English boys let me down and all of the other cars finished in front. Even with the loss it was still a really good day and an unforgettable experience, it was unbelievable how load the cars where. As we left Malaysia it now took over as being my favourite country visited so far, is just so much diversity in the country. I didn’t get a chance to go over to Borneo and climb mount Kinnabalu or seeing the Orang - utans but there is always the future. I think also another reason why I liked it so much was that because it was mostly a Muslim country they didn’t serve alcohol in many places which I think kept out the drunken idiots they you get a lot in Thailand. I would definitely recommend Malaysia to anybody.


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