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So we left Phi Phi now on to Malaysia. We had to leave and get the boat back to the mainland early morning then get a very long uncomfortable mini bus until we where dropped off about an hour away from the border crossing. We then changed mini bus and headed for Malaysia. After another long day traveling leaving at 7am we finally arrived at 10pm in a place called Penang not far from Georgetown and where dropped in a place called the Banana hostel. We decided to just spend the next day there and relaxing and try to figure out where should go. We where recommended by a very drunk kiwi when we arrived at Banana to go to the duty free island of Langkawi about 3 hours boat trip from Penang, I’m not sure why we did listen to this guy but when we got there we where glad we did.




Arriving by boat we had been recommended to try and hire a car as there are no buses or trains that run around the island. As we arrived we picked up a 7 seater van that cost us about 20 pounds each for the entire week. As it wasn’t power steering the girls could not drive it and a left hand drive so the Danish could not drive it, I was nominated to be driver. So we head off all of us quite tired from getting up early for the boat crossing to a place call Cenang the main tourist drag of accommodation and restaurants. Not being so easy to find anywhere to stay, we finally got somewhere a minute away from the beach and not to expensive. Every night around 7 we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. It was so nice just perched five rocks up got some beers and watch the sun go down. After getting a map when we arrived we could see there were loads to do on the island. The first day we went out to try and find one of the four waterfalls that the island had to offer. On the way we decided to pull in a have a few laps on the huge professional go kart track. It was a close run thing with me spinning out a couple of times early on both the Danes over taking me and unable to close the deficit so had settle for 3rd, our English friends trailed and where no where to be seen. We now headed for the waterfall, as we pulled up in the car park we where surrounded by monkeys who would just go for your food or drink if it was in your hands. After a steep walk we came across the four falls waterfall. It was absolutely amazing, so high compared to the water falls I had seen before; there was the main waterfall and then smaller waterfalls coming off it. You could get right underneath the water fall where there was a little whirlpool that pulled you around from the pressure of the water coming down, below this there was a huge pool of water with another smaller water fall coming into it. We spent 2 hours without even meaning to at the waterfall, jumping in, taking pictures and just a wonderful time. In the after noon we headed off to see one of the other waterfalls but this one not as impressive as the first. We headed back watched the sunset, went out for a few drinks then made a fire on the beach and just chilled out until about midnight. This by far was one of the greatest days I had traveling so far. We spent another 4 days on the island, this being well over what we had planned of only 3. We went to see the cable carts which where really good fun and unbelievably high, right through the clouds which was pretty weird and was mad to hear how quite it was when you where in the clouds. We also visited some of the fantastic beaches the island has to offer, the most glamorous being Pantai Kok, the private beach for the celebrity’s when they want get away. We visited a beach they called the black beach, quite obvious really seeing the whole beach is black and pretty disgusting really, we spent about 10 mins there and left. Just down the coastline from where we where staying laid another wonderful beach.  As well as the beaches we visited a little animal farm. Wasn’t very nice as the conditions for the animals were terrible and they were clearly not very happy, the highlight of the day was actually getting in the pen with all the rabbits and feeding them. As always there was plenty of shopping to be done on the island especially by the girls and was even more of an excuse seeing as everything was duty free. We left the island and all agreed that is was probably the best place we had all been on our travels, it probably helped that the weather was fantastic every day we where there and that we had the freedom to go anywhere with the car. So back to the main land we headed and off to our next port of call ‘The Cameron Highlands’.



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