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Welcome back after long break from the blogs
Have found a computer in hostel where I dont have to pay (I dont think) so thought I would update you all on my travels and tell you a little bit about the Phillippines.

So if you remember the last place I travelled to before I came here was Chang Mai although missing the blog about it I will get around to doing it so I can complete my Thailand blogs from every place I been. From Chang Mai got the over night bus down to Bangkok, had to kill another day in Thailand. This time not to bad as met up with few friends from England and spent the day shopping.

Got flight that night Bangkok to place called Manilla the capital of the Phillipines and at the top of the country. Was on my own again but only for one day as the guys I was with in Chang Mai where coming the following night but my Visa ran out so I needed to get out Thailand. As I got out the Airport I got a cab to a hostel I had read about close to the airport. Once there I was taken up to a room that looked like a pit. Was basically a room the size of my wardrobe with a bed or just wooden plank with matress that god knows living in it and the whole place stunk. Although unvelievably tired and need of sleep after not sleeping for 48 hours I decided to leave the room and thought I would walk on and find another hostel. Very Very bad idea after walking 6km through the slums and beggars with my bag now feeling like a lead weight, pouring with sweat and desperated need of sleep. I decided to just give in a get in a Taxi and told him to take me somewhere cheap. Those reading this will probably be asking the question why not just get a cab in the first place, answer being that I am a stubborn man and I was convinced that I was going to find hostel just walking. Anyway of course the cab driver took me to a very expensive hotel but by this time I really didn't care. Got checked in a didn't move from my room until the next day when the other guys arrived and we had a walk around Manilla.

Not going to waste to many words on Manila. Will just say if you are ever coming hear try and get a flight as soon as possible out of here. Is crazy place full over expensive hotels, shopping malls and high rise buildings but also the worst poverty I have seen since travelling and constanly being bugged for money from children and adults.

We made our way down to an Island called Boracay the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines but still not on the same scale as Thailand as far as people travelling there. We spent 7 days on Boracay and it pretty much rained and stormed every day. Although it did rain there were large parts of the day you could go and enjoy the Island. We did mountain biking around the island, went on tour that took us to the smaller islands including really cool little caves. The island itself is breathtaking. Have never seen so many palm trees in one place. The beach is like a paradise, crystal white sands and amazing clear waters. It would be at it's full beauty in the summer as the winds blow in a lot of crap from the sea and the water is a bit choppy but it still an amzing place to go. So after spending a fantastic if wet seven days on Boracay I decided to leave and venture on on my own. Left the guys yesterday at Boracay and have made my way back to Manila, was hoping to get a connecting flight to Bangkok but am stuck hear for the day until tonight when I can get a flight back to Bangkok. From Bangkok am going to try get a overnight bus to Cambodia then continue doing Vietnam and possibly Loas that is if all goes to plan.

I covered very little of the thousand islands that makes up the Philippines but I understand most of the islands are like Boracay. I decided not really to do much more as the weather is so stormy that you cant really just sit on the beach and not really much more to do. People hear are the friendliest I have seen while travelling. Always greeting you with sir or madam and always smiling. Was also really good to come somewhere that is off the beaten track of all the travellers. Is not an easy place to explore as flights are needed to all the connecting islands and it ends up making it expensive and time consuming.

Will write blog about soon, not to sure where I will be (Oh yeah if you interested in photos from Philippines let me no and will add your email so you can view them)

abubu says:
u should come back and explore the other islands.. :) not all islands are like boracay... boracay is such a touristy place but definitely a beautiful island. u should've gone to the north or in palawan. but yeah, there's always a next time. :) hope u visit the philippines again. cheers!
Posted on: Feb 16, 2008
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