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Hey people

Another short update am actually in Ko Samui writing this but will be writing about my experiance in Koh Sok. Am on my own now have decided to leave the rest of the gang, they went to Ko Phang Yang and I decided Ko Samui. Only been here few hours but first impressions seem to be fantasic beach and setting but far to many English people here, anywhere where you see to ketchup bottles on the table is not proper Thailand.

Anyway Koh Sok. We get to the national park about 4pm after a 3 hour journey. As we make our way to our accomadation we seem to be getting deeper and deeper into the jungle. Finally we arrive to where we our staying a place named 'Our Jungle House'.
Is very open set within the jungle as a stream flows in front of our cabin and trees around. Check out picture on photobox to see cabin and other pics.

After lunch we had arranged to go on a 2 hour night safari. We departed at 8pm pitch black and head for the entrance. Everyone bit nervous and not knowing what to expect. We start the night all armed with torches and water everyone sticking close together. It did'nt take long to see first big spider resting on wall and then not long after small snake. After that we walked picking the leeches off our legs but didn't see anthing to major apart from few elephant tracks and few frogs. We made our way back to the cabin only to find big spider had joined us in out toilet. Lots of screaming and deciding what to do we made our way to bed and let it find its own way out.

The next day we were up bright and early again. A hearty breakfast of banana milkshake and porridge got us ready for our day ahead. Again we made our way to the national park all feeling fairly brave after surviving night safari and night in out shack with big spider.

We began by trekking with our leader Leek (I think that was his name) up nice wide paths and not to steep. Felt very confident being personal trainer and everything thought this would be easy, after an hour in and not breaking sweat. We then go away from the open track into deep jungle. Another 3 hours later and I actually felt like I was going to die. My head pounding, I was covered in sweat and felt so weak. We had treked 8 miles through the jungle. It had taken about 4 hours up and down rocks across waterfalls and risking falling down sheer drops the whole way there.
We had finally made it to our destination a beatifull waterfull where we had food and a little swim. At this point was not quite sure how was going to survive the next 4 hours back.

After 8 hours of trekking doing over 16 miles in the boling heat and dense rainforest air with untold leeches crawling over me we made it back. Have never done anything quite so tough in all my life. It makes RPM like a walk in the park. Although was very tough am very glad I did it will propably never get to Trek through rainforest again. Sadly didn't see to many animals there but seing as the park is someting like 150 miles round not surprising really.

So we spent a night and a full day there then we were off and now in Ko Samui.

Will write new update soon I off to go get drunk and party on my own now!

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