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We were picked up from our hostel with a coulple we had met the previous day at the tour breifing. The minibus was then taking to the main bus station where we were put onto a local bus to the site 4350 above sea level at ........... IN our group were about 23 people. 2 norweigens, 4 danish, oz couple, american couple, canadian guy, 2 english and some others. After we were dropped on the winding road at 4350 it was time for a quick sandwich lunch then onto the bikes. We had a 3 hours bike ride or more like free riding down the hill. Myelsf and Katrina got geared up with Helmets and gloves then got on our way down the huge winding valley. Unforunatley the weather was really wet so we needed to be extra carefull not to full off. The ride was really nice though with amazing views of the valley below. After around 3 hours cycling or more freewheeling down the winding road through villages over streams and a few short climbs we made it to our destination, a tiny town by the name of Santa Maria. It was nice to get to the accomadation and out of our wet clothes. The accomadation was basic to say the least. Two large rooms filled with beds in 2 dorms upstairs then downstairs  few double rooms that we were lucky enough to get. There were bathrooms with toliets and showers both with cold water, not big enough to lie down in. With tours like this though you expect the accomadation to be basic. Went had a nice meal just a 2 min walk away from where we stayed with the whole group. The next morning it was an early start at 5am then quick breakfast then on the road for a day of trekking. Wetrekked for hours taking part of the renowned Inka trail. The trekking was ok to begin with but when it came to start having to climb up on the Inka part of the trek it became so difficlut because of the air being so adense aswell as the reason that I was strugglin to eat or keep any food down. We trekked around 8 hours stopping a few times for short breaks and a longer break for our lunch. Eventually we arrived at our destination the Hot springs just outside the town of Santa Theresa where we were staying. The hot springs were fantastic after feeling so dirty from trekking all day, 2 main natural springs, one hotter than the other but both lovely to just sit back and relax after the tiring day. After the hot springs it was a quick mini bus journey to Santa Theresa where we going to be staying for the night. Another basic accomadtion although we were lucky enough to get a double again so wasnt to bad. We had another nice meal with the group then off to sleep. The food was usually a soup to start with then rice and whatver meat for main course. After a bad sleep from stomach trouble which had been sufferiing with frm the moment arrived in cusco we awoke to do the next part of our journey. Today was another trek, not as tough as the previous day. This one broken into 2 parts both of them flat and on open land not jungle. The first part of the trek was optional and you could take a bus which Katrina and a few others decided to but I walked it. We then met up with the people who had got the bus for lunch. After lunch the whole group of 23 walked for four hours down a dis used train track to the town of Aguas Callientes. This trekking no where near as tough as the day before with everyone just going at there own pace with no hills or jungle to make it tough to breathe. By this point my feet were blistered, clothes smelly and wet but new this was the last leg of the journey. Once in Aguas Calientes we were traeted with nice accomadation with en suite for our last night. Aguas Callientes was the closest town to the Macchu Picchu and was used for people to leave from there if they were walking or get the train from there. I nice small town purely there for tourism. We had our last meal together with the group then got an early night for the tough walk at 5am the next day. At 5am we were awoken, so dragged ourselves out of bed feeling like crap. We met the rest of the group in the main square then talk a 30 min walk to the bottom of the stairs that led up to the Macchu Picchu. All I can say was that the hour and a half walking up the uneven stone steps is one of the toughest things I can remember doing. I dont no whether it was the fact that it was 5am and pitch black, or whether that I was so tired, or the severve altitude or the fact I hadnt eaten a proper meal for over 5 days but the walk absolutley killed me. was just up and up seeming to just be getting tougher and tougher to breathe. Felt like  I was going to collapse at one point just feeling done in. Eventually after the evil walk up for 90 mins we arrived up to the Macchu Picchu. We entered into the gates were our guide gave us an hour tour telling us a few facts about the history and other info about the most famous mayan relic. At this time only about 7.30 am the site was still not full visible because of the morning mist. I chose to walk up another steep walkway called wanipicchu to get a few overlooking the Macchu Picchu. After an hour walk I made it to the top to see the Macchu Picchu in the distance. We waiting up there for a while and luckily the mist started to clear so we could see the most amazing fews of the macchu picchu and the beautifull surrounding areas. After spending about 40 mins at the top just admiring the view it was time for the descent. Was at the bottom I joined back up with katrina who decided to not come with me. We then with a few others in the group looked around the massive mayan sites differnt areas. Luckily now the clouds had completley cleared so we were able to see the site in all its beauty and get the must picture with the Macchu Picchu in the background. After spending another hour just walking around we headed back down to Agua Callientes to get the train back to Cusco. We waited in Aguas Callientes foor a while until our train came then departed for cusco. Everyone by this point was so tired so most people just slept on the 3 hour journey through the hills. ONce back in Cusco we wnet out that night to Mama Africas with the guys from the tour for a few farewell drinks. The tour had been really graet fun if not a little bit triring this late on in my travels but all was worth it after seing the awe inspiring Macchu Picchu.


Inka Jungle Trail & Biking to Machupichu
04 D. / 03 N.

We part at 7:45 a.m. / 8:00 a.m. our trip starts when we go out of Cusco with a wonderful panoramic city landscape view, then we go our way to Chinchero/Ollantaytambo. Here we'll take the right highway and then go up high 4350 meters upon sea level where we met the Abra del Málaga. This is a too much mystical place, where the land payment to the gods is done very frecuently From this part of the road and for a guide's recomendation in case of mist, we leave the car and we take our modern bikes, now we start one of the most beautiful trips only compared with the ones of "coroico" in Bolivia.
We will be going down the hill watching the huge valley, then we would find a different flora going from the seca and pajales, then a tempered area vegetation for finally getting into the jungle vegetation, at the half of the way we will visit the "Ruinas Incas of Wamanmarka".


We will take lunch on the middle of the road too, finally after 4 hours of biking we arrive to the 1430 meters upon sea level, in Santa Maria, we will spend our first night in the basic services lodge. Here we take dinner, we are in the middle of a wet weather because of the foresta and great because of its fauna and flora, at dinner time we will have a little summary of that day and some comments about the next day trek with the tourists.
After having a full vitamin breakfast, containing bananas, oranges, papaya and other local fruits (juices) we early go on treking looking for an unforgetable adventure, we will walk by fully vegetation roads where we could see the growing and the harvest of cofee as well as the sacred Incas plant, COCA.
We will walk by original Inca roads, where we are going to have a meeting with the Inka roads net, today Stopped by time, after the energetic walk, and of have been sweting and breathing the purest air of the world,we will have the chance of getting into the "Baños termo/medicinales" of Santa Teresa, then we arrive to the Santa Teresa town where we will eat and sleep, the next day coordination will be done at the dinner time.
Today we are allowed to wake up a little later, we also have a full vitamin breakfast (juices) and about 9:45 a.m. we start walking looking for the hanging bridges and also for crossing the Vilcanota river (Sacred Inkas' river)Trough a oroya where we put a proof our adventure and adrenaline, this point is one of the most exciting and fun point.
We can enjoy the big variety of buterflies, parrots, little iguanas, birds, insects and our conceited monkey Pepito, we will also visit the Inti Watana (solar clock), we will have dinner at Hidroelectrica where we will enjoy lunch with a lot of avocado (palta) of the world's best quality. Finally we get to Aguas Calientes, the last overnight spot, here we Hill have a dinner-meeting; now is time to give the last instructions for the best day of life, visit to Machupicchu city.

We wake up early today to visit the first modern world wonder, Machupicchu, we part in treking at 5:10 a.m. in order to have the chance of watching the sunrise. In ascendant walk since 1980 meters upon sea level until 2450 meters upon sea level, we have breakfast in the middle of the road because we get box breakfast, the walk has an approximate time of 1 hour 10 minuts, we will inmediately visit the Machupicchu city . Joined by our profesional tour guide 2 hours aproximately, then tourist can explore by itself; at an aggreed time the tourist must treck down to the Aguas Calientes town. in an average time of 40 minuts. Then we hapily take the return train to Cusco because we have enjoyed the most beautiful and complete trips of the world.

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Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz