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Sawat dii everyone (Hello)

Ko Pha Ngan

Arrived in Ko Pha Ngan after spending a couple of days in Samui and hating it. Was nice to come over as my freinds I left when I went to Samui where staying here. Got off boat and headed to Hat Rin where I was told was the place to go, a big party town where they hold the full moon party. I stayed at place called Same Same, a nice place with large screen tv, pool table and nice atmosphere with lots of backpackers staying there and for about 5 pound pretty clean. After being there for about five hours getting settled in started drinking once again which soon moved onto to buckets, a small bucket with quarter bottle of vodka, 2 cans of mixer usually redbull and loads of ice.
Many hours later and much dancing to the many bars on the beach while watching the amazing fire jugglers I stumbled home and passed out on bed.

The next day was spent recovering getting ready to go out that night. Went out to black moon party that night, the genereal idea being no lights but flouresent and glowing items everywhere. I decided to get painted with big illuminious dragon across my chest for the occasion and danced the night away to heavy trance. Making my way in about 6am the next day again spent recovering. (Check out pics photobox)

Spent four days in Ko Pha Ngan and loved it although spending most days getting over the night before was a really cool relaxed place throughout the day then livened up in the evening with bars along the beach playing every different music. Beautifull beaches like the rest of Thailand.

Ko Tao

Arrived at Ko Tao hearing all good things about it. The main reason people come to this island is for the diving and you can do very cheap diving courses in really good sea's. Wasn't to sure when I arrived if I was going to try diving or not. After contemplating over my chicken and noodles I decided to do the basic course of four days 'The open water diving course'. I thought I might aswell seing as they were offering accomation for 1.50 a night if I was diving and it was only 150 pound for 4 days course.

The course started straight away with just a couple hours of theory and filling in the paper work. I was introduced to a couple that would be the doing the course with me and we spent the rest of the day getting to know each other and having a few drinks. So day one only actually lasted a coule hours and we were back bright and early at 9am the next morning.

The morning just consisted of theory again then the afternoon we were taken out to practice a few skills in the water. Was really weird and didnt really enjoy the different skills we were doing, I didn't quite realise there was this much to diving just thought you stuck in the air and go down there and see loads of fishys. Anyway day 3 comes and we get back 9am and all of us feeling very positive after doing so badly on day 2. Day 3 started with theory in the morning and then back to underwater and scuba skills in the afternoon. Was really struggling to get skills and not feeling very comfortable at all. After an hour in the water the couple i was with decided they were not enjoying it and went back to boat. It was just now me and the instuctor going through the different moves about 6 mtrs down trying to get neutral buoyancy right and not shooting straight back up to the top.
Managed to get through all the skills and made my way back to the boat still not feeling confident being underwater. I didnt mind being under the water and breathing, it was you had to take your mask off and unfill it with water, also having to take your air out of your mouth and hold your breath 18 mtrs under was not appealing.

After 3 days I was the only one left in our group and not feeling happy about diving at all. When out instructor arrived 45 min late hungover and with broken toe he told me he would not be able to dive but instead he would send me with other group. Was really not looking forward to going down 18 mtrs for 40 mins and doing all my skills that deep. After contemplating I decided i wasn't going to do the assesment as i was not enjoying the diving in the slightest and was just getting stressed at the thought of it.

Got 40 percent of my money back and very cheap accomadation so wasn't to bad in the end. I will try everything once but i feel diving is not for me. Is my fourth day here now and I feeling relaxed for the first time, going to have many beers and buckets tonight then off to Bangkok tomoro.

Hope you are all doing well feel free to leave me message on this site or email me.

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