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We arrived in Ica after getting the short bus ride from Pisco. In Ica it was just a 10 min cab ride into the surreal tiny desert town of Huachina. It was an amzing place looking like a mirage in the sand. One road connected it with the outide world and the closest town of Ica. After checking in a nice cozy hotel with pool that made up for the adequate room, we took the 5 min walk to the towns centre peice the large lake used by local kids to mess around and small pedlo boats. Around the centre lake just one tier up were deffierent restarants where we ate. The twon was just overlooked by huge sand tunes in every direction. The best way to descibe it being like a bowl with the town being at the bottom. After a nice lunch we headed back to the hotel to spend the afternoon chilling by the pool. In the garden were the pool was situated the hostel also had a crazy monkey they kept as a pet tied to a piece of string. This may explain the reason the thing seemed like it was on speed jumin on anything that came near it. Aswell as the small monkey there were also different tropical brids such as parrots walking around or siiting on the tree. We just took it easy basking in the baking sun. Katrina played with the monkey who seemed to prefer women than guys, while I just as always tryed to get myself some sun. I had to be extra careful though as I had got burnt in Pisco and my forehead was peeling off, very funny if you see the pictures of me. 

The next day we went on a sand buggy tour. This involved being picked up from our hostel then taken a mad ride across the desert in the buggy to the top of one of the dunes. From there we were given sandboards to go down the dunes on. The boards were specifically for the sand being much like a snowbard only smaller. For my first hill i waxed up the board lied on my front and wizzed down the dune. Was so surprised how quick you went, it was just so much fun. The next dune I attempted standing up, this being far tougher than lying on your front. I got about half way down standing befire going head first into the sand hurting slightly getting covered from head to toe in sand. I think we did abot 6 or 7 dunes in total the last one being highest going down what must have been at least 50 mtrs. This one I did lying down as it was easier to get more speed and far safer. After doind the sand boarding we watched the sunset on the dunes then tooke the crazy drive on the dunes back to our hostel. I had so much fun and would definatley reccommend it to anyone.

The next day we cheked out of the hostel but our bus was not until the evening when we were getting a night bus to Cuzco. To kill time throughout the day we had a look around the small town of ica. We just spent town looking around the shops one of our favourite past times. We also just sat in the Plaza de armas (The towns central square) and just watched the world go by.

In the evening we got the night bus to Cuzco. I really loved Huachinna. So unique settings like no where I have been before and the sand boarding is just so much fun, like sledging without the snow   

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photo by: yadilitta