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After overnight train for god know's how amany hours getting very little sleep I rock up at Bangkok station. Feel very moody and just wanting to find somewhere to stay I make my way out to the front of the station. I had been warned before I got to Bangkok that everyone will try to rip you off so was determined to not let it happen. Decided to opt for Tuc Tuc to take as got him down to 50 baht and taxis were saying 200. I told him to take me to Khao San Road and he seem to understand. Half way through our trip he decides to stop and tell me to get out and to go into this travel booking place.
Reluctantly I go in only to realise that now I am going to try and be sold different trips. At this point I decided to pick up my bag and walk out, he chased me and say where where you go, by this time getting very angry told him to once again to take me to Khao San Road but with a few other words that everyone in the world seems to understand. So back on my Tuc Tuc again with him apologising I eventually get to Khao San Road, he said that he would show me good place to stay instead I jumped off gave him his 50 baht and ventured on my own.

At this time in the morning even in Bangkok's liveliest place it still pretty quiet with just a handfull places open and the usual drunken Europeans still drinking. Decided to stay in nice hotel with a/c, hot water and little tv. Cannot tell you how nice it was to actually stay somewhere clean with hot shower asfter 3 weeks of slumming it.

After nice sleep make my way into town to see the Grand Palace, being conned twice on the way once by seed man and another time with friendly Thai guy telling me Palace was closed but instead to go with him on tour, decided to not listen and make my way to Palace which was open. Had good look around the old palace, was lovely but me not being very cultured didn't find it that interesting. That being said I have never seen buildings so fancy and was nice to see.

From there jumped on the back of motorbike taxi another very interesting experience and made my way to Siam. Here went to MBK centre the biggest shopping cente I have ever seen with everything ranging from knock off jeans to knock off Phones. Had a good look around considering buying myself portable DVD player for my travels but after realising that they actually more expensive than in England and will probably break within a week decided against it.
Did however purchase some real lol Replay jeans and some crappy T shirt as i was going out that night and couldn't be bothered to go back to hotel other side of town and change.

From there dressed in my new gear I decided to make my way down to Patpong the dirty side of Bangkok much like Soho but alot sleezier. The Tuc Tuc man very helpfull decided to drop me 30 mins away from Patpong to some resturant that was ridiculously expensive, only after i finished my meal did i realise I was actually no where near Patpong and had been skanked once again. Eventually I did find my way there with the help of a friendly Thai girl who helped me on the Sky Train.

In Patpong my first thing was to see a Ping Pong show that I have heard so much about. Was very funny, expensive and slightly disturbing lol. I carried on through the night market and sleazy bars until I came across bar playing bit of Jay Z. Decided to stay there for couple of hours listening to live RNB/Hip Hop. Made my way back to Khao San about one and headed into Irish Bar.

Got chatting to couple of English girls we then got chatting to another group of guys and carried on drinking and smoking this strange fruit flavoured pipe until about 6am at which time I retired after dodgy chicken on a stick and went to bed. The next day pretty much spent in bed and on roof top by the pool.

Summary of Bangkok. Ridiculously busy, full of people wanting to rip you off and way to stressfull for my liking. Thus the reason spent one day there and am now back to relaxed lifestyle

That evening got a bus journey taken 12 hours to Chang Mai where I am writing blog now. Have already booked trek for next couple of days which includes loads of activities - elephant trekking, bamboo rafting etc

Love you long time
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