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After another long bus journey I arrived in Ho Chi Min aka Saigon. Felt so unwell by this stage I was quite prepared to just pay over the odds for a room and just checked into a hotel. My head felt so blocked, both ears where ringing and had really nasty cough. Spent my first day in Vietnam just stuck in my room watching my DVD player (which I don’t know what I would have done without). Still feeling awful the next day I was determined to not to let it beat me so I decided to go on a organized tour to the chi chi tunnels where the Vietnamese troops hid and fought from the Americans in the … war. My nose would not stop running was quite amazing where it was all coming from. Anyway explored the tunnels, was fascinating to see how they had dug this little underground world of tunnels and trenches. We saw also the different traps they used to catch allies soldiers, some of them so simple but very effective. We actually got the chance to go into the tunnels which where so small, had to be crawling the whole way. As well as the tunnels I got the chance to go on the rifle range and use one of the guns. I can’t really remember what gun it was, but had five shots and think I missed the target every time; I couldn’t believe how loud it was. After spending half a day at the tunnels I decided to spend the other half at the War Museum. After spending the afternoon strolling around the museum was so interesting to see the history that wasn’t that long ago, with the different photo’s of the suffering of war. There were also pictures of what had become of the many victims of Agent Orange; the damage that it had caused to peoples bodies was truly shocking. I decided to spend the next day just taking it easy once again back at the hotel and by this stage was actually starting to become quite concerned as by nose had been running 24/7 for the last 3 days and couldn’t really hear much out of either ear. Went to the docs but was to expensive so instead got some medication that had been recommended to me by a nurse. Feeling so poorly and getting pretty down I decided to put off going up Vietnam and into Laos as originally planned and just head back to Thailand to meet my friends instead. So I booked my flight in 3 days to Bangkok then was going to catch a bus down to Ko Phang Yang where I had already been to meet my friends. Before I left Vietnam I decided to fight through and try see the Mekong delta on a day trip. The day was really good fun, we saw how they made sweets and tea out of plants, we went cycling, had little boat trip through the windings of the reefs and where treated some music by the locals. Was very disappointed that I didn’t see more of Vietnam but needed to have some company felt like I was going mad in my hotel room all day. So back to Thailand again, read on for the Thailand 2 adventure.
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