Above The Clouds! (Cameron Highlands & Taman Negara)

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Another 6 hour journey and we arrive at the Cameron Highlands. Just to give you an idea of how high Cameron highlands where. We where actually in the clouds, it took us well over an hour up a long twisting road from ground level to get up that high. It was also the coldest place I had been by far on my travels, had to actually where a long sleeve top can you believe it. (Can just see you all at home now with your 3 layers on ha ha ha). We just spent the first day when we arrived taking it easy, spending some quality time on Fifa on the Danes PSP. The next day we arranged to go on the full day tour and try see as much as we could as we were only spending one day there. In the morning we headed up to the highest point in the Highlands, well above the clouds at 6666 above sea level which is pretty high. We also took a visit to the main attraction the tea plantations, sounds pretty boring I know but actually amazing to see the vast size of these plantations which provide tea to the whole of Malaysia. After the plantation it was time to try the real thing. We stopped off a tea café and had a jolly nice cuppa Malaysian tea with a delightful scone.  (That’s me just being a stereotypical brit). In the afternoon we went off road to see the Orang Asli people. These are the aboriginal people who still live in Bamboo huts with no electricity, living off the land and hunting for there food to live. On the way we where stopped by 2 locals on motorbikes, they pointed to the wall where there was a huge Black Cobra about 2 meters long. As our tour guide approached to try and catch it, the snake slithered away into the undergrowth. We spent short time with the tribe people who didn’t seem that interested to see us. I think they have different groups coming everyday, so just get on with there daily life regardless of the whit people walking through there village. We got to try out there hunting weapons, this being a huge blow pipe that’s shoots small spears which went hunting would usually be covered in poison. We sat and listened to our tour guide talk to us about how in 20 years time there will be none of these people left. Now more of the younger generation are seeing what is out there and want to be part of it. After spending time in the Orang Asli village we headed back to camp and prepared to move on the next day to Taman Negara.




So on to our next destination, the oldest rainforest in the world ‘Taman Negara’. As we arrived we booked on to the night walk and we where going spend the next day trekking on our own. So that night we headed out into the rainforest at 9pm with our tour guide, spent 2 hours walking through the jungle seeing a few spiders, bats, stick insects but nothing to get to excited about. You probably think back home that when I talk about that I go to these jungles and other weird places that snakes would just be easy to see but it is actually really hard to ever find them they have such good hearing that by the time we are anywhere near them they are gone. Any wildlife in the jungle is difficult to see as the paths that you are allowed to walk through only probably cover like 2% of the forest. Next day we where up bright and early, had possible the worst breakfast I have had whilst traveling. We started out trek to go and see the canopy walkway above the trees. That was really good fun walking on a really wobbly bridge with a walkway the size of a plank of wood to walk on. From there we decided to go on one of the set paths that would take you to one of the best views of the forest. Around half way we all starting to think this probably was not such a good idea as we all so tired and was not an easy trek. The trek only seemed to get harder and trying to get up to the view point was a very tricky task, having to climb up rocks manovering through the gaps. Eventually we made the top and were happy to just have sat down for half an hour and watch the millions of marching ants work around us. We where supposed to do another trail in the afternoon but by the time we had all made it back from the first trail the only real place we wanted to go was bed. We only spent one day in the forest but was good to see it and now I remembered after my last 6 hour trek in Ko Sok why I vowed to never do it again.





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