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I hopped on a 9AM train from Vienna to Krakow, but unfortunately was unaware that half of the train would split off and head to Krakow, while the other half would go to Warsaw. Predictably, I was on the half going to Warsaw, a fact which I did not realize until it was too late!

After arriving in Warsaw (which is about 3 hrs away from Krakow), I bought tickets for the next available train to Krakow. The station here is a bit confusing, and most of the tracks are unlabeled, so I thought I would ask some friendly locals for some help. The first group of Polish people I met intentionally told me the incorrect track number. I know it was intentional because there are some nuances of human behavior and body language that are nearly universal. Next, I asked a kindly-looking young Polish lady if I was at the right track, and she started screaming at me in a loud, exasperated and condescending tone. I've been to a few places, and usually have no problems interacting with the locals, but never have I met people so seemingly rude.

Found the right train for Krakow, which, coincidently, the first group I had talked to was also boarding, and proceeded to my seat. Continuing my lucky streak, I had the good fortune to sit directly across from three middle-aged ladies whose faces were literally frozen in perpetual frowns, like angry, rigid, sorrowful masks. I entertained myself with the thought that eventually the rude young Polish lady back at the tracks would end up looking like this, so dedicated was she to making other people miserable.


Nearly 12 hours after I had left Vienna, I finally arrived in Krakow. My view of Polish people was somewhat distrusting at this time, but then while asking for directions to the tram I ran into two of the nicest locals I have met, who personally escorted me to the tram stop and made sure someone on board informed me of the right stop. Their smiling, friendly faces were a refreshing contrast to my earlier encounters and my mood was lightened.
Sunrise5 says:
I suppose I know which kind of Polish ladies you mean - met one yesterday^^. Luckily, they aren't all like that...
Posted on: Oct 16, 2008
AlicjaK says:
heheh, sorry you experienced it, but try to understand we have lots of stresses here in Warsaw, so sometimes we can lose our well-balance way of being, it happens ;) (from the other hand you experienced something new) don't take it so serious.
Posted on: Apr 07, 2008
danny291 says:
sorry to hear about your train journey. I struggled with finding an english speaking German whilst travelling in Germany
Posted on: Oct 02, 2007
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