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After not much hustle and bustle in Toronto Air Transat took us to the warmer pasture in San Salvador. Prior to that our water bottle had been confiscated and we were encouraged to purchased a tripple priced H2O at Pearson - we did not. We were also encouraged to leave behind our cigarette lighters behind yet they did not show up on any screen AND they can be bought at the airport again at - guess - tripple price. Some people make really good bucks on water and lighters...We actually got food, well, something resembling it - a three riced up so called meat balls with rice in a miniscule container. It was..bad. I made us couple sandwiches prior to leaving home so we were ok and our copassangers hated our guts. Well, no one said we cannot bring our Canadian food into our Canadian airplain so we were ok and we passed the test , too !

Nolitours is the company that seems to be in control of all arriving to El Salvador. We were dutifuly segregated, counted, pushed, processed, stampted and spit out outside the airport into the desired warmth. It was a smooth and quite fast process. Our bags were then marked and assigned and so were we. Our trip was a combined one between Montreal and Toronto to El Salvador. I mean there were already people from Montreal when we boarded and we knew we had to return the favor on the way back.

It was hot and sticky outside the airport. There were few tourist buses for Decameron divided by language. English to the left and French to the right. How inappropriate from political science point of view.And so we packed ourselves in.  Our English bus had lived a better life but despite crawling in the end of the 4 buses cavalcade managed to climb hills up and down, up and down, up and down....We were given a snack box each which actualy was a nice gesture - sweets mostly and beware - many got dreaded Montezuma right after. Couple hours later we entered a forbidden zone - I mean the resort is surrounded by check points and tourist police and you do need to present some sort of papers to get in. We were hoarded to the area with some acivities going on like people signing up for secure safe $2/day etc.  We got our assigned number of the room and were told to proceed as our stuff would be delivered there. All nice and dandy but when you land in the middle of hot, humid and desirable environment the last thing you want to hear is - go search for t. So we walked, and walked, and walked. It is a really big resort. And we walked. Sweating in our Toronto clothes, confused, tired we walked and then we finally found our destination. Tower 2 by the end of the place. Of course we just jumped into a pool and learnt fast enough that pool closes at 7PM. And that was just the 1st day ...


nanumi says:
contrary to "sounds like someone should just stay at home,where everything is just like home " I'm more used to going far away from all inclusive places. In fact it was a compromise between my and my husband's wishes who just wanted to rest someplace. It was not a fair comment considering that you know nothing about my trips. And 1' you don't know me 2' you know nothing about my trips 3' don't bother to comment on what you don't know
Posted on: Dec 31, 2007
kcain says:
sounds like someone should just stay at home,where everything is just like home
Posted on: Dec 28, 2007
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San Salvador
photo by: Biedjee