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Sacred Vally Tour from Cusco. Girl eating sugar cane.

Ok.. so after Machu Picchu we returned to Cusco and went on a ¨Sacred Valley of the Incas¨Tour... That involved 4 Inca ruin sites. It was good to go, but recommend doing it BEFORE seeing Machu Picchu... Everything else in comparison is ... just neat.. not amazing! The kids though are relentless... The parents teach them how to beg for you to buy somthing from them.. They whine, plead, beg, cry.... say things like ä present for your wife mister.... but you need one more... a present to take with you for your friends.... etc.. relentless!

Yesterday was our first day sleeping in and getting up at our own leisure! It was the highlight of the day.

Relentless kids selling postcards and drawings! Cute though huh!
. Everything else was downhill from there!!! We casually went to the bus station and were attacked by all the various bus vendors! Finally this one guy told Ben his bus leaves at 10:30 and nobody else leaves until 11. Well, so we decide to get the ¨early bus¨which turned out to be a straight LIE! Once we got the bus ticket it said leaving at 11:00. Then they charged us 20 soles and put a sticker over the price which I later found out to be 15 soles! Then they told us it was direct except for one quick 10 minutes stop and we had 4 30 minute stops and about 40 stops along the highway to pick up anyone and EVERYONE and drop them off.. The 5 hours bus ride with NO bathroom ended up being 8 hours!!! I was SOOO upset! We didn´t bring food either so.. from 10:30 to 7 pm!

Anyway, we have a nice hostel and we are now safely in Puno. We leave to go to Lake Titicaca tomorrow and I can´t remember the real spelling at this moment. It is going to be amazing and make up for the bad bus ride! I think.

mc-leod says:
Hey Tori and Ben,
great adventure and interesting to read. So also we
could visit places around the world where we never will be there. Thanks you.
Maybe we will meet us in Germany.
Have a graet journey

Axel and Silvia
Posted on: Feb 05, 2008
berrypicker says:
Hey... what about the cooked sheep story? Are you holding out???
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
regannorgaard says:
How's it going! Sorry it took me awhile to get online. Finally completely moved in my house and got cable/internet/coffee maker, etc. Anyway, congrats on your test tori. I don't think my results are up yet, but hopefully soon. Working on getting the bar open for May 1st. Anyway, hopefully you get this "blog" or whatever it is. Let me know where I should write messages and stuff. Take care both of you and I look forward to watching you travel from my house. Godspeed!
love, regan
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
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Sacred Vally Tour from Cusco. Girl…
Sacred Vally Tour from Cusco. Gir…
Relentless kids selling postcards …
Relentless kids selling postcards…
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Lake Titicaca from Condor Hill. 4…
These two ladies and one man where…
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