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Post Office Bay. Oldest post office in the western hemishpere.

Well, out time in the Galapagos has sadly ended. We visited one last island this morning before being taken back to the island (baltra) with the airport. We have arrived in Quito and we are currently waiting for our plane for Lima. So, her is what our trip on the sailboat Encantada was like..

After our last blog we sailed from Porta Ayorta to our next island.. Floreana Island.. We stopped at Post Office Bay in the morning and heard some history of why Floreana is called ¨mystery island¨. If you are curious you have to read the book.. Post Office Bay or When Satan CamE To Eden... It has a really interesting history. Post Office Bay has been used since whaling times for whalers to leave letters to their family.

Yeah.. he jumped aboard to join the party! Well, honestly.. I think he just wanted a free ride.. They´re lazy!
Whalers on the return trip grab the letters that are close to there home and hand deliever the letter to the family. They still keep the tradition today. So, people can leave a letter/postcard and others who live near them can deliever the letter, but it has to be HAND delievered.. that is the purpose.. So, we left a few postcards. There was no one from alaska, but one of the guys from Denmark found a postcard for someone near him that was dated three days prior.

After Post Office Bay, we went snorkeling at two different points which was AMAZING. The sea lions would play with us and swim in circles around us. We are not allowed to touch them, but it was great. We saw sea turtles and sting ray and gorgeous fish too. Of course, we don´t have any pictures cuz that was all underwater..

We sailed to anther point on the same island in the afternoon and saw flamingos, sea turtles waiting to come to shore to lay eggs and a ton of sea lions.

Lazy.. lazy.. they love to get in the way!
.. The babies are so funny.. They just cry out to their moms and their moms ignore them cuz both are too lazy to find each other!

We sailed through the night to Espanola Island which is supposed to be the oldest island in the Galapagos. There they have the Christmas iguanas, a TON of blue footed boobies, and other birds that are endemic to that island. Of course, there were MORE sea lions! We tried to go looking for the white albatrose that ONLY lands in the Galapagos and only on Espanola Island, but they had all migrated away now that their babies were old enough to fly. When not on the island, they only land and stay in the ocean. We went snorkling also and saw a few sharks, eels, and more cool looking tropical fish.

Christmas Iguana
Later in the eveing we sailed to a different point of the island that had the WHITEST beach we have ever seen! It was gorgeous and filled with sea lions... of course! One bull charged us because we came in his turf. A pup thought Ben was his mother and started chasing him crying.. We tried to get a cool picture, but he got too close and we had to back away. If our skin oil gets on them their mother can´t recognize them as hers and will not feed them.. That´s the reason for no touching.. I desperately want to steal one and take them home...  They´re sooo cute!

We again sailed through the night to San Cristibol. That island is specifically for . We snorkled and got really close to sea turtles while they were feeding on the rocks! We also got to take the dingy to Kicker Rock, which is the top of a volcano that sticks up 500 feet in the air.

Guess WHO this is!
We can´t land on it, only researchers can... But it was impressive. During the afternoon we sailed to Santa Fe Island. That island had the only true land iguanas which were ok to see.. but they look similar to marine iguanas... The neat part was just hanging out with the sea lions and watching the pups play for a couple hours..

This morning we disembarked at a nice early 630 land trip to North Seymor Island. That island has the great frigate bird and the magnificent frigate bird. The difference is one with a red eye and one with a blue eye. They were pretty cool looking. We saw more blue footed boobies.. They are Ben´s fav because they are soooo funny looking.  (I still prefer the sea lions). We sailed after breakfast to Baltra and had to say goodbye to our other 10 travelers on the Encantada.

As close to cuddling as permitted... I´m as lazy as he is.

Well, that about wraps up the Galapagos.. We still feel that we are on the boat here 5 hours later.. It feels that we are going up and down with the waves right here in the airport.. Hopefully that feeling goes away soon! We are completely amazed with all the different animals that we have seen. It completely makes sense that God created everything. Here more then ever we can not believe anyone can see this and believe in evolution. It is just not possible..

Well, we are off to Cuzco, Peru where we will travel by train to Machu Pichu and to Lake Titicaca!

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Post Office Bay. Oldest post offic…
Post Office Bay. Oldest post offi…
Yeah.. he jumped aboard to join th…
Yeah.. he jumped aboard to join t…
Lazy.. lazy.. they love to get in …
Lazy.. lazy.. they love to get in…
Christmas Iguana
Christmas Iguana
Guess WHO this is!
Guess WHO this is!
As close to cuddling as permitted.…
As close to cuddling as permitted…
Frigate male looking for a mate!
Frigate male looking for a mate!
Sting rays right on shore.
Sting rays right on shore.
Lazy Lazy.. They are even taking o…
Lazy Lazy.. They are even taking …
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