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Hong Kong is such a cool city! Well, Ben doesn't quite agree. He thinks it smells bad. I just love the people! It's crazy here. There are 51,000 people per square mile, but the people are amazing. They are THE NICEST people group I think I have ever meet. Numerous people have gone out of their way to ask if we were lost or needed any help. Once, Ben was just checking the map to make sure we were still going the right direction and a business man stopped to make sure we didn't need directions. They are SOO helpful, which is sort of NOT what we expected from such a crowded area.

I sort of have a list of the things I wanted to mention. Ok, to start. STARBUCKS is only 2.00!!!! That is soo awesome. I love Hong Kong! Ok, so there is NO traffic at 8:00 am in the morning which is really funny to me.

All the traffic begins later in the day. No one is up that early because Hong Kong is up ALL night long! They're nuts!

We read the lonely planet description of our hostel AFTER we booked it and it said "This high rise ram-shackle dump is a colorful low budget experience if you can get past the smell of inscense burning, fat cooking, and garbage rotting." A very accurate description we decided, except they didn't mention the occational mothball scent in there as well. It is a multi purpose building for low income people. There is everything from haircuts to Pakistani food to suitcase vendors and money changers. The restaurants had smells coming from them that were, ummm - well, very unique. At least we had never encoutered them especially coming from a place that feeds you.

Outside the front Indian taylors tried to convince us that we would look good in a custom siute.

Since there are nothing but high rise buildings, we noticed numerous signs posted stating that if you allow something to fall from 'a height' you face LIFE in prison. LIFE! It also said you are liable for if your babies or toddlers also drop something from a height! Crazy. Life in prison!

So, one night we went to eat at TGI Fridays and ordered food with just water. Ok, so I thought it was going to be bottled water and it was a glass. Silly me, I took a drink of it and have NEVER tasted something sooooo nasty!! Let alone water, which is supposed to have NO taste. Disgusting! Only bottled water for me thanks!

Ben was told numerous times by Indians that he had a lucky face. It's really funny because red is a lucky color to them and Ben's beard is red. So, they were intrigued by that. Then they tried to be friends with him inorder to get the chance to read his palm and tell him his future! Of course this was a scam to get paid. He realized that after the first one. He didn't stick his hand out to shake anymore!

Well, Hong Kong was fun for me. Ben didn't so much like it. The smell of the city was a little too much for him. Along with the quantity of people everywhere! Their kindness is memorable though! 


travelman727 says:
Tori, I'm with you! I love Hong Kong :-) Next time, have Ben wear nose plugs and spend a day and evening on Victoria Peak :-D
Posted on: Mar 17, 2008
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