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The kids playing games

DAY 7: Ok, we are now out of our emergency stash of cookies! I am soo hungry! What I have not mentioned yet is we have been eating dry bread and butter for breakfast and dinner with rice for lunch all week. For BREAKFAST and DINNER - dry bread with butter. For lunch - Rice with beans.. and all the fruit we can pick from the trees. Ok, so maybe we are not physically starving, but I feel as if I could die of hunger! We tried to ration 1-2 cookies each per day for some substance and now we have nothing! UGGH! I also forgot to mention we only have electricity for 2 hours in the am and 2 hours in the pm. We take showers out of a bucket after heating up water and I think I already mentioned I'm so hungry! ( So that electricity is all the hospital gets too BTW) So, back to work.

We treated patients all morning and headed off to the crusade in the afternoon (the crusade is going from 10 am to 11pm). This evening a drunk Masai man took off with a death grip on Ben's arm.. dragging him into the center of the circle of Masai's dancing in front of the stage! It was soo funny! I hope to download the few seconds of video footage I was able to get. When we sat to listen to the sermon (after 3 hours of worship) we were again encircled by all the kids wanting to be close enough, but not too close. I felt like an animal at the zoo!

Oh, I met the 16 year old girl's mother today. I told her I wanted to take her daughter back to America and she said, "You can't take her, but you can take me!" Funny Funny Mama.

A Booma

Also, the drunk Masai guys were pretty funny. All night long they kept trying to talk to Ben. All night long Ben kept trying to tell them he does not speak Masai. So they would talk slower and pronounciate better and yet nothing makes you understand a language you don't know if you don't know it! Make sense?! It doesn't matter how slow you speak!

DAY 8: More fo the same. Hospital in the am, crusade in the pm. While there, someone came to get me to see a patient at the hospital. So, I walked up and found a 17 year old boy sitting with a chunk of muscle missing from his anterior lower leg with his tibia exposed! The english speaking Masai who retrieved me said, "So, can you help us?" Um, yeah! Hello, malaria I may know little about, but trauma I'm understand.

Poor poor girl
Training at a military base where the 18 year olds get a little rowdy offered me a bit of experience!

DAY 9: Hospital and Crusade.. More playing with the kids.. Taught one of them how to play snake on the cell phone. Wasn't so scared of me after that.

DAY 10: Elisha, our 6 year old buddy who lives on the mission, was sort of told to buddy buddy with us so we would take him to America when we leave. We didn't know this of course until today when I heard him tell another kid in Swahili that the wazoongo was his bebe (father) and he was going to go to AMERICA to go to SHULE (school). The subject had been brought to us by the manager, but when we approached Papa about it he said the kids are to stay with the mission. So, now we have to deal with Elisha being told that if he makes friends iwth us we will take him and it is NOT even a possibility.

I just gave her an IM injection of antibiotics.. those are her big alligator tears
 Poor kid. I wish that person would not have said those things to him. More hospital. More crusade. Did I mention that at the crusade they sing the same song over and over and over and over?!?! For 12 hours per day for the past 5 days! It's crazy and great! Actually, sometimes they switch it up and start singing one onther song that says "A kay key oh la bebe" meaning 'you know me Father'. It's beautiful. This evening I was told by the mother of the beautiful girl that her husband is coming tomorrow! Now I'm nervous! I mentioned wondering if he is going to try to sell her to me or something of the sort! I guess we will see tomorrow!

DAY 11: A very sick baby arrived at the hospital this morning. His abdomen was distended and hard, fever/swets, cough, and difficulty breathing.

One of the patients wanting a picture with me.
I've ever seen such a hard, distendd abdomen! The baby is only 2 months old and has cuts all over his abdomen (either culture or witch doctor stuff). The Masai's all have circles burned on their cheeks when they are babies and this tribe possible cuts the abdomen.. or again.. the mother took the child to the witch doctor first who made the cuts. Not sure. So sad! He is really ill. Its very scary to ahve such a sick child before you with no IV, lab, xray, CT scan, or equiptment.

We made friends with a Masai boy who spoke english (the friend of the boy with the gash in his lower leg). His name is Lassarin and he had us come to his booma this afternoon. So, we took off on foot, after about an hour we arrived. We met his brother's 2 wives and their children and a few of his father's wives and their children.

Vanessa.. She needs a sponsor to send her to school. Cost is around 600.00 per year. Her cousin cares for her and is a nurse at the clinic. Anyone interested message me.
The Masai men sit around all day doing not sure what while the women build the houses and the kids tend the cows. So, when we arrived we found one of the brother's wife building a house and some VERY terrified kids! I reached down and shook one of the kids hands and she took off running and crying! Maybe I was having a bad hair day. Who knows! Lassarian's father wasn't around, but we ran into him later that night at the crusade. He apologized profusely for not being at the booma when we visited  because he 'should have been there to cook something for us' and then he offered to give us a goat to make up for not being there! We politely declined, so he settled on at least providing us with some milk.

We liked hanging out with Lassarian. He's a good kid.

The crusade
We figured he invited us to his booma to ask us for money because that is a VERY reoccuring theme here in Tanzania! There seems to be no shame, people ask us to pay for their wedding, their school, their kids school, to buy them motorbikes, houses, everything ALL day. Actually, one woman through Lassarians interpretation asked me to take her baby with me and raise him because I would be able to pay for his school. I had to decline (not because I didn't want the adorable little guy, but because he had no birth certificate or passport to take him home with me!) Bummer! But we were pleasently suprised that up to now, Lassarian has NOT asked for any money! He did say he would like to visit our house one day now that we have visited his mud hut.

DAY 12: I had a different patient at the hospital today.

Masais dancing at the crusade
30+ year old man with urinary symptoms but with no discharce. I ASKED him THREE times about discharge and lesions via the nurse as the interpretor and the response was no, no, no! Well, I gave himm medicine and he left. Later, when the nurse was occupied, he returned and pulled me into the exam room and started pointing to his braclet. He pointed to a yellow bead then a green one then pointed 'down there'. Ok, liar liar pants on fire! Needless to say, I switched meds then the man wanted his picture with me and I was his new best friend!

The 2 mo old sick baby came back in so I cold listen to his lungs etc. Mild improvement. We prayed for the baby and told the mom to keep giving the medicine.

Ben worked today on preparing the baptismal and we headed down to the crusade.

The crusade
(Since it is in Masai with Swahili interpretor we mostly play with the kids in the back!)

DAY 13: Today is Sunday and the last day of the crusade. We decided to go to the crusade instead of church because I didn't want to sit on the opposite side of the church from Ben! We sat in the back of the crowd under a tree and the pastors tried to get us to come with the crowd to the benches, but we were FINALLY able to communicate to them we NEED the shade! So, they took a bench from the crowd and brought it to us under the tree and had ALL of us sit on it.. squishing like 9 people on a bench that sits 5! They are so funny. Sitting on the ground under the tree we had plenty of room and we were happy and content, but they thought it would be BETTER  to dog pile ont he bench instead. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I don't think I could have wiggled myself out of the pile with out a case of baby oil. So, we leave tomorrow to head to Moshi and these are our final thoughts:

-This was the BEST cultural experience of our trip

-The Masai people are the NICEST people we have met. They just want to talk, to shake your hand, to touch your skin/hair, and to sit near you. All smile, all are kind and accepting.

-The crusade was AWESOME! God moved the hearts of the people towards Him, but there is a large spiritual need for strong leaders to lead the people.

-The kids are ABSOLUTELY adorable. Most 6 year olds carry a baby on their backs.. So cute.

- Breasts are everywhere! Mama's pop them out to feed anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody!

-Very sad living conditions. Malaria and pneumonia. Mud huts, no diapers, no food


-I don't like living without a refridgerator!

-Almost all Masai wear a watch but only 1% actually work!

-We need to reach these people to stop the female genital mutilation! I love culture, but this part of their culture needs to be removed forever!

-If you come to live here, you will have kids given to you. Expect it and prepare for it!

-I wish we had a plane because I dread the ride back to town. You need a chiropractor after the experience.

-I miss having internet!

-Did I mention I am really HUNGRY!


berrypicker says:
What a story!!! Thank you! We love you! Mom
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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The kids playing games
The kids playing games
A Booma
A Booma
Poor poor girl
Poor poor girl
I just gave her an IM injection of…
I just gave her an IM injection o…
One of the patients wanting a pict…
One of the patients wanting a pic…
Vanessa.. She needs a sponsor to s…
Vanessa.. She needs a sponsor to …
The crusade
The crusade
Masais dancing at the crusade
Masais dancing at the crusade
The crusade
The crusade
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