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Kimberli with Father and Eisa at the Sulphur Springs

This morning Eisa introduced us to his good friend, Rashid, the mayor of Fujairah.  While Kimberli and the kids took advantage of the beach one last time, Rashid, Eisa, and Sean had coffee (yes, Sean, who is “not old enough for coffee” has acquired a taste for Arabic coffee) and went to FujSeng to discuss a few of the development projects that Eisa is involved in for the city.  Rashid asked Sean to import two cars for him…and eggs?!?  We returned to Father’s house where we indulged in chocolates, chai (tea), Arabic coffee, and Eid snacks followed by an incredible homemade lunch of fish, chicken and rice (I’m getting used to eating with my right hand instead of a fork and I think they are finally figuring out that we like our drinks served with dinner, not after).

Kimberli, Eisa, and kids with new Singapore friends
  Then Father wanted Eisa to take us to the place where he was raised about 15 miles outside of Fujairah city, Wadi Al Halow.  On the way we stopped at a hot sulphur spring where we soaked our feet in a small wading pool with some people from Singapore.  Mianna and Kyle soon found more exciting ways to keep themselves entertained by roaming around the rocks and dusty mountain (Eisa kept warning them about snakes, not realizing that the creek that surrounds our house is home to many reptiles, so this was not an effective way to keep them from exploring their surroundings).  After sunset, Eisa took us for a ride (I felt like I was in a car commercial riding through the windy roads at high speed) to a tunnel in the mountain.
Sunset into the mountains
 This tunnel was an amazing success considering the solidity of the granite mountains and the difficulty of getting equipment there.  Upon returning to Father’s house, we were greeted by KFC in the large hallway and we ate on the family carpet as they often do, rather than at the formal table.  We were showered with more gifts from Eisa’s brothers and sisters (we’re up to nine perfume bottles now, plus two oversized gifts for the kids).  I have a feeling that Kyle and Mianna might demand that we celebrate Eid and Christmas from now on.  With cranky, tired kids in tow, we returned to our hotel at 1:00 A.M…and everyone wonders why I have to keep putting them in “time outs” in the evenings.

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Kimberli with Father and Eisa at t…
Kimberli with Father and Eisa at …
Kimberli, Eisa, and kids with new …
Kimberli, Eisa, and kids with new…
Sunset into the mountains
Sunset into the mountains
Oversized gifts from brother Fasal…
Oversized gifts from brother Fasa…
photo by: Vlindeke