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Hello All,
Today was travel day #1 on the journey back home.  I check out of the hotel, and got a 9am bus to Taba.  Taba is on the Egypt side of the Israel-Egypt border, and the bus dropped me off within sight of the border itself.  Very nice.  The border was easy, and I found a taxi to the Eilat bus station quickly.  I got a ticket to Tel Aviv, and headed out for some food.

Menus that are only in Hebrew are very difficult, and I was not in the touristy part of town so it was all Hebrew.  Strange to ask somebody at a restaurant, 'What do you have?' when you wont even know what it is when they tell you.  I did end up getting a delicious meal stuffed into a pita bread.  I think it was the Israeli version of a shwarma, but who really knows.

The bus to Tel Aviv took a different way then I had driven to the south, so I had some sights to see along the way.  But the sights were mostly the Negev Desert, and then it got dark.   We got stuck in an awful traffic jam coming into the city, and arrived in Tel Aviv at almost 10pm.  13 hours on the road so far.  At this point I decided to try to get to the airport tonight.  Another night of hotel would cost me about $100 by the time I aid for a taxi to and from, and my flight started check-in at 3:30am.

I pulled my Tel Aviv map out, and noticed that the train station was only a few blocks away from the bus station.  I walked outside, oriented myself and found the train station in about ten minutes.  The automated ticket machine was also in English, so I had no problem buying a ticket and getting to the airport.  It was 11pm.  Four and a half hours 'til check-in.  At least there's free wi-fi!

I need some sleep, and an electrical outlet.

Later, Phil
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Tel Aviv
photo by: JulieFrenchi