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It all started on Friday night when one of my colleague who was frustrated with loads of work said he would like to go for a trip to somewhere for a break, destination not decided yet. Seeing an oppurtunity of excursion I too showed my willingness to join him. While We were just planning some more colleagues joined the discussion and they too were interested for an outing. So it was all set definitely for a trip but still no one knew where we would be heading for. Someone said Tehri Dam, a few said Nainital, Mussourie, Some suggested corbett. Since one or the other friend had already being to these places no one wanted to visit the same place. Finally we zeroed in to wagah border to watch Beating Retreat ceremony held everyday evening.Next day Saturday, we had change of plans we were going to Dalhousie after Amritsar.
The only escape route from general's bullet, which was blocked..
Why leaving hills when we would be so close to them. So finally we were all set and we booked Quallis looking vehicle "Rhino", I was seeing this vehicle for the first time, Very similar to Quallis.

We thought to brief our driver about our trip route, Delhi-Amritsar-wagah-Dalhousie-Delhi. He had some suggestions, he told Dhramsala would be a much better place than Dalhousie and first we should be heading for Dharamshala and then Amritsar the drive would be much easier and we would be able to see a lot during the trip. So we agreed to his suggestion and now the trip was to Delhi-Dharamshala-Amritsar-Wagah-Delhi.

So finally we started at around 9.00 PM, We were at Murthal around 12.
The holy golden temple and sarover
00 PM for a dinner at dhaba, there is tough competition among so many dhabas in row. The food was good and spicy as usual, i guess all dhabas have more or less same taste food. We started again, although it’s very difficult to sleep in such vehicle we some how took nap. Early morning we were in beautiful valley, and the driver told us we are heading a temple called Jwala devi first then we would turn for Dharamshala. We stopped in between for having breakfast and getting fresh.. As expected the dhaba was not having a good toilet.. So i looked at my colleagues and said "Boys, I am in no mood of going to this toilet.. Any
one for fresh air". They all readily agreed and we had good time after that

We reached Jwala devi at around 11.
If you rotate this, its said you get gud luck
30 AM, After visiting the temple which is very beautiful and full of devotees from all across the northern cites, we decided to head for dharamshala.The valley is so beautiful that you will have a desire to stop at every 100 meters to watch and get mesmerized by sheer natural beauty. We couldn't stop ourselves at a location were there was a stream flowing with two bridges across. We decided to take bath and have some fun here. We all rushed to the water, and here once again i was feeling sorry that i didn’t knew swimming. Other colleagues who knew swimming were enjoying in deep water, while me and some other stayed in less water although it was fun here too.

After all this fun we were in Dharamshala, and soon we realized there is nothing in Dharamshala as such we have to move to McLeodgunj which is still up.
This parikarma continues all sides of golden temple
And driving is very difficult in this route but our driver managed it very nicely and we were in Mcleodgunj at around 2.00 PM looking for a hotel. And found no hotels as they were all booked for a convention day later to be held at Dalai lamas temple. Someone suggested to look at hotel at Bhagsu lane, fortunately enough we got rooms at Bhagsu and would advice you all to look for rooms in bhagsu if you are looking for a budget rooms. We stayed at hotel Namgyal, the cost was Rs 400 per night, and the rooms were okay cant say they were too gud. After taking some rest we were out in main street enjoying beautiful evening. There are three places to watch Dalai lamas temple, Dal lake and Bhagsunag temple. Since we didn't had time we just visited Dalai Lamas Temple.

It looks like entire town is weaved in threads of spiritual feeling and also a mission to free Tibet.
Beating Retreat ceremony at wagah
Almost all the restaurant has a poster for freeing Tibet and the latest news at Tibet. Dalai Lamas temple is just a beauty to watch. On the way we had nice coffee and we all talked about the mother nature and beauty around.

The town almost closes down at 8.30 PM, we were quite surprised as we were in mood of taking some more strolls in the streets. But we returned to our hotel and had dinner and they a nice sleep.Next day we got up early and headed for Amritsar. We took the route Via Pathankot and it was a bumpy ride, as the NH is under construction for quiet a few distance. We reached Amritsar around 3.30 PM, and we offered prayer at beautiful and serene Golden Temple. If always a good feeling to see kar sewaks performing their cleaning activities with so much of enthusiasm although i never got a chance to do that.
Curd and potato stuff paratha
And now we were feeling hungry so what other better place than langar at Golden Temple itself, were thousands of people were having delicious meals and I must admit I have never seen such a organized way of serving people. Also the most important thing is people from all caste and creed sit together to eat.. What a feeling..

Now we went to Jalianwala bagh, were thousands of innocent freedom fighters were killed. And still you can see the bullet marks on the wall. Cant describe the feeling you get at this place.Now it was time to head for our final destination at wagah border to watch the flag ceremony, We knew its Sunday so there will rush so without wasting anytime we reached wagah border around 40 KM from Amritsar, But to our surprise there were already so many visitors before us. Anyways after some effort (pushing and pulling) we were able to find a place for a us.
First shot early morning
The atmosphere was charged with patriotic songs on both side of the border, With Indian side playing a mix of patriotic songs and some latest hits, while Pakistani side played some religious tunes (That's what i could make out). On the Indian side people were dancing and shouting while Pakistani's chose to keep their cool. People were given tricolor to run with, even some foreign tourist also ran with Indian tricolor, Crowd cheered them and Army personnel were encouraging people to make more noise and enjoy. We were also shouting on top of our voices. Well we had great fun to see how the flags of both countries are brought down and kept each day. Everyone should watch this ceremony atleast once, its a great feeling.Once we headed back for New Delhi, It was a tiring journey back and we had to attend our office but we had the memories of such a great trip and good enough reason to plan next trip.
Remembering more than 2000 thousand matrys who laid down their lives fighting british rule

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The only escape route from general…
The only escape route from genera…
The holy golden temple and sarover
The holy golden temple and sarover
If you rotate this, its said you g…
If you rotate this, its said you …
This parikarma continues all sides…
This parikarma continues all side…
Beating Retreat ceremony at wagah
Beating Retreat ceremony at wagah
Curd and potato stuff paratha
Curd and potato stuff paratha
First shot early morning
First shot early morning
Remembering more than 2000 thousan…
Remembering more than 2000 thousa…
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