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We flew down to San Francisco on Friday morning for my British citizenship ceremony. The Consulate General got up and said that he'll assume we know all about the United Kingdom, and really the only thing he wanted us to know was the right way to hang up the Union Jack. Really it is such a silly idea for a country to have an almost symmetrical flag where the sign of distress is to hang the flag upside down. We all then had to pledge our allegiance to the Queens and the rights and responsibilities of being a British citizen. Of the twenty of so of us there, one kid swore an oath, while everyone else made an affirmation - a surprisingly ratio in the US, but a very European one. We then had tea and biscuits with the Consulate General.

After the ceremony we walked down to the wharves and up into China town. We saw fortune cookies being made, and bought some adult fortune cookies to the delight of my lab when we got back to Seattle. That evening we had dinner on Nob Hill, and then went on a vampire tour. The tour was performed by a lady dressed up as a vampire, who walked us around Nob Hill pointing at interesting places and describing the local history, all the while pretending that all the significant characters in San Francisco were vampires, and the whole city revolved around Count Dracula. It was entertaining in parts (Lydia was cranky at her dismissal of Buffy), but forced and painful in other parts. My favourite part of the tour was when she was talking about the Pacific-Union Club. It is a very Republican club, and when the Democrats have conventions in San Francisco they have them in the Fairmont Hotel, next to the Pacific-Union club, "because it is the most liberal hotel in the city". During conventions the Pacific-Union Club closes the curtains of all of the windows in the club, so they don't have to see Democrats (presumably they go through San Francisco with blindfolds on). When I asked how a hotel could be considered liberal, she said "well, they allow pets inside, and also once I was taking a tour and a lady fell down and cut her knee - well the people in the hotel fixed her up with a first aid kit for free!" Yep - free health care, sounds liberal by US standards.

Saturday was shopping and a trip to Alcatraz, and then on Sunday we hired bikes and rode over the Golden Gate bridge. A very enjoyable weekend.

thenewextrememimi says:
Spooky tour operator does not an ambassador make. What would the stereotypical San Franciscan be? A gay foodie on a bike, maybe?

Why I talk like Yoda today?
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
Adrian_Liston says:
Ahuh, I'm going to assume that she is a standard representative for San Francisco ;)
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
thenewextrememimi says:
Um, yah... Did you really except a chick in a vampire costume to understand civil liberties or the healthcare system?
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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