Convento de San Francisco and the starting of our love affair with Joyride Cafe

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Slept in, relaxed and went to the Convento de San Francisco, which has an amazing view of the city atop a tower on the red spanish tiled roof.  There are still 10 monks who still live thir and teach at the school next door.  The art surrounding the courtyard was amazing, huge paintings depicting the life of Saint Francisco.  We then went down to the catacombs where the monks were buried along with some of the towns richest members.  The room was pretty small, made completely of stones.  Our guide explained that the catacombs had once flooded and so now the tombs had been sealed and drainage tubes have been placed in after the church reopened the catacombs for tourists.  Also, in the room was a table that had been used to display the bodies before they were entered into the catacombs.  We then saw the church and went upstairs, crossed over the top of the roof on narrow walkways to a tower overlooking the city.  Nothing else worth writing about.  Hopped into a cab for the 2 hour ride to Sucre and got to our hostel where we immediately ran into Justin and Dan.  We joined them for dinner at Joyride Cafe, a dutch run tourist hangout that has good food, nightly movies, live entertainment, a bar, and also offers excursions.  Came back and went to bed.  My stomach hurt so bad I couldnĀ“t eat my dinner, so we left without joining the other two upstairs.

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photo by: Biedjee