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Our living room, at the Hotel Grand View

...and being ill again, unfortunately.

But first the good bit! We headed up into Himachal Pradesh, and the foothills of the Himalayas. Bang out of season, we arrived in Dalhousie. It's an old British hill station; where the British went to escape the summer heat. We went there in December, so it was freezing.

We treated ourselves to the most expensive room in the most expensive hotel in town (the Hotel Grand View), which worked out at about $US35 a night; at least five times more than we were used to paying. For that we got a separate living room and bedroom, each with its own television, plus a bathroom with bath! The bedroom was equipped with a four-poster bed, and the bathroom with hot water.

View from the terrace, Hotel Grand View
The front door to the room opened onto a wooden terrace, with fantastic views of the Kangra valley, and the first of the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas in the distance. We also got a single small fan heater to compensate for the lack of heating! (The restaurant, on the other hand, was a truly cold experience, even devoid of fan heaters, so we got room service on the second night. The food was lovely.)

The stay in the hotel was our main reason for visiting the town. There's not much going on there, but it's a beautiful spot, with fantastic scenery and views. For the first time in India, we remembered what true peace and quiet are like; you could stop walking and listen to the sounds of nature, without the roar of traffic and the bustle of people all around you. Even the more rural parts of Karnataka hadn't inspired the same sense of calm as Dalhousie did. I think that the cold weather helped; I've always preferred the cold to the heat.

There only seemed to be one other couple staying in the hotel; there was hardly anyone around. When we came to pay they wanted us to pay cash, and never registered us in the visitors' book. I suspect they wanted to be able to pocket the tourist tax.

Now the less good bit: I had a three day recurrence of the illness I had in China, which this time added a day of aching joints and creeping skin to the more usual symptoms of something approaching dysentery. Not very nice at all, but fortunately only three days, not the month I had in China.



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Our living room, at the Hotel Gran…
Our living room, at the Hotel Gra…
View from the terrace, Hotel Grand…
View from the terrace, Hotel Gran…
Zoe on the terrace
Zoe on the terrace
Rock paintings
Rock paintings
Main square, Dalhousie
"Main square", Dalhousie
Dalhousie view
Dalhousie view
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