A teraz idziemy na jantego!!!

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From Gdansk i took a train to Poznan to meet up with a few friends. Then Natalia, Annia and myself would drive to Wrzesnia where they lived. For tomorrow was the day of the wedding.
    After leaving my baggage in Natalias house and meeting her parents, we made our way to a local called 'the four rooms', and proceeded to drink heavily into the night with lashings of Tyskie and kamikaze shots.

    I awoke several hours later in a daze. Tried to eat but my little gutty-wuts wern't feeling the Maye West (O, my brothers :) ) As i was trying to get ready to go Max, the bull terrior, got ahold of one of my shoes. He promptly tore out the insole and chewed it up, ripped holes in the bottom and slobbered all over.
Seeing this i attempted to turn his mind on to other, not my, items. So i picked up blue fluffy slippers and waved them in front of max trying to look over excited about these slippers. I threw them while shouting ' Go on' 'Go on'. Max blinked.  Tiring of this i took hold of my shoe and tried to free it. Max playfully growled and wiggled his head from side to side. Then without warning he swiped at my hand, and soon the red red gravy started to flow. Max, having had enough of my smelly right one, dropped it. And as i put my foot into it i could feel the warm saliva soak through my socks.

   After a mercifully swift ceremony at the church we make our way to a local hotel for the reception. As i walk in i notice something strange. There isn't a bar.
And no beer of any description in my line of vision. There is only bottles and bottles of Absolute vodka and even more of Anias home made illegal lemon vodka, all laid out on the tables.
   We begin to eat and the food, which is all communal is fantastic, with the exception of some jelly thingy with chicken and peas insinde.  I didn't want to seem too eager about diving straight into the vodka, so i restrained myself until someone else made the first move. That didn't take long and pretty soon i was beginning to feel the effects of Polish hospitalities slow assault on the brain cells.
    Into the night i wasn't being too shy about jiving and my efforts were soon rewarded when the woman on stage presented me with a clay elephant for being so damn good!
    The musical pattern was kind of odd too.
The DJ would play two or three songs for dancing, then he would play a kind of jinggley song that went ''A teraz idziemy na jantego..........'' ( or something). Which means '' And now we go for another drink............'' ( Or something) So we did. Many, many times in fact. Then it was more food, dance, a teraz idziemy na jantego..................... food, dance, a teraz idziemy na jantego, food, dance, a teraz idziemy na jantego, a teraz idziemy na jantego, a teraz idziemy na jantego................into the night.  After much more scampering around and getting to know everybody it was almost time to go home, for it was approaching the 6a.m but in my head the party was just starting and it took much persuading for me to leave. We needed out shut-eye, for tomorrow was the day of the after party. Crazy into the night.
alyska says:
It sounds like it was a good polish wedding reception ;)
Posted on: Dec 04, 2009
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