Bigus??? przepraszam, kiedy? Co????

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My original plan was to fly to Gdansk and travel by train around the whole country over the course of a month. I landed at Lech walensa airport at night in a blizzard. Jumped into a cab driven by an elderly man whos command of the english language only extended as far as '' You want madam? Jiggy-Jiggy?''. Out of his glove box he produced a card for a local erotic bar. I laughed, slaped my lap and told him i wasn't here for that sort of thing. But i kept the card as a souvenir anyway ;p
The following day i was free to walk around beautiful  Gdansk. Within minutes i was crossing a bridge over the Motlana river. From here you can see the view of the most tipical Gdanskian postcard the Gdansk crane, the oldest of medieval Europe. I had looked forward to seeing this i thought it to be the offical starting point of my journey.

I was happy to see it but today it was covered in scaffoling and all was obscured but the very tip.

Felling a tad peckish i headed for 'Bar Mleczny Neptune' as recommended by my rough guide. These canteen style, order at the counter institutions are a particularly Polish idea and are a great place to fill up on bigos, pierogi and the likes and won't be too damaging to your bags of silver.
        Bar Mleczny Neptune is a quaint little establishment and armed with a little polish i wasn't  feeling confident. I picked up a tray and joined the queue. I was kind of releaved to see  some dishes on display so as all i had to do was point and say 'proszÄ�' (please). I pointed to something and fired my word at the lady serving.

She said 'bigos?'. I gave a huge bow of the head like i just met royalty, i was enthusiastic about my recognition of a word. She then said something along the lines of 'Szczrinieszcalesieaczszczszczstakniethczrczsz?'. I gave another, not quite so comprehending nod and said 'tak' (yes). That warrented some mashed potatoes. She pointed to a piece of meat and said somethingi didn't undersand, so i used my bullet-proof all knowing nod and replied 'tak'again. She replied 'nie ma' (there isn't any). Since i was on a roll i just said 'tak'. The lady, now laughing, picked up on my confusion vibes and held up another piece of deep fried animal carcus, with questioning eyebrows (her, not the meat).
        MISSION COMPLETE!!! A hearty plate of bigos, potatoe and meat accompanied by a short and curly. I wasn't quite sure what to do with my plate & tray afterwards so i picked them up and had a walk about. Not making any progress, i turned to an elderly lady, pointed to my plate and said 'Przepraszam, kiedy?'. Which i later remembered translates to 'Sorry, when?'. She replied with a baritone 'co?' (what?). So i gave up and made tracks.

sylviandavid says:
Great recount of a fun meal...
Posted on: Nov 27, 2011
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