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hello all again,

just adam this time and it will be just me from here on out my friend chad trofholz left this morning for the airport to catch his flight back to the good ole us of a. I have decided just to head back to vienna and take it easy for a couple of days as chad and i had a pretty good alcohol streak going there so i decided to go get settled in my new city for a little while the r and r will be good for me. i have had an amazing trip so far and look forward to adding to all of my entries when i get to school and get to stop paying for the internet. anyway just thought i would check in for now i must go catch a train........goodbye..........awick

ericonicus says:
hey Adam - check out Billy's Bones in Vienna, it's a cool pub . . . at least it was in 1998 when I was there. I also remember a great donner kebab stand by your school. I'm pretty sure you'd be at the same school (Wirtschaft Institut?) as my buddy Nestor who studied abroad through UNO, although I thought the best donners were in Salzburg. Wish I could remember some more places. Of course you gotta check out the Vienna woods, Prater and Belvedere. If you wanna get out of Vienna for a bit, check out the old spa town/village of Baden. It could keep you busy for a weekend. Good luck trying to understand Austrian German. 'Geschessen Euer' and 'Hoit die Goesschen' are good viennese slang phrases to know when you want to express your displeasure with someone. Allright man, sounds like you're already doing it up right. Have a blast, drink some absinthe for me. Eric
Posted on: Jul 11, 2006
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me upon getting back to vienna
me upon getting back to vienna