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No pictures.. just my stressful story of tonight =/

I went to San Lorenzo to pick up Mel so that we can go visit our nephew in the hospital.  I had the directions all printed out but little did I know those directions would make me drive in circles.  We went from San Lorenzo to circling around Berkeley, then swinging around Emeryville (which is where we exited to get back onto 880 which we thought was going to bring us to the right exit).  

We were then on 80 for just a quick minute or two, to the right of us we could be in San Francisco in about 15 to 20 mins depending on traffic at the toll bridge, but we veered left to enter 880S.  We followed the directions coming from 880N, but that still didn't help us.  I was getting so stressed actually by the time we were in the Emeryville, I was starting to lose my mind because we were on a timelimit so that we could get there before visiting hours were over.  But I kept my cool if cousin wasn't with me I think I would've lost my mind and turned around to go home, without being able to to see my cutie little nephew. 

So still on route.. once we exited where the directions told us where to go.. we kept going and going and since the two of us were so blind-ish (I had my glasses on and she had her contacts on and we still couldn't read the street signs no matter how hard we tried.. wish we had a 20/20 vision guide with us, but no such luck) by the time we kind of knew where we were going, sorta kinda, we were in the wrong lane, and that wrong lane was going towards the Alameda Posey Tube.  So of course we had no choice but to go through the Posey Tube.  And then I said "Great.. we're going to Alameda.. I hate Alameda" i don't exactly hate it, but I truly dislike driving there.  Ever since I had my own little adventure years ago trying to find the yacht where my friend's wedding was (that day was such a crazy day.. can't get into that story.. but in the end I did find the dock before the yacht left, so they did not leave me.. so that was the good part), since then I try my very best to avoid driving in Alameda.  I made my calls to try and find help to get to my destination and sister and brother tried their best to help me with Mapquest or whatever but geez I got myself lost and even more lost.

We circled around the the other side of the Tube and made our way back to Oakland.. but we didn't really end up in the same area we were before.. so yeah.. L-O-S-T again!!  I did a couple circles around downtown Oakland but then we finally somehow, with no understanding of our own, but help from sister via cell phone instructions and I guess internet help we found it... Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.  When we turned the corner and made our way up towards the parking garage we both kinda thought something.. WE'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE.. creepy.. nope.. pretty crazy and silly of us.  We've both been here before about 3 years ago almost 4 years ago, when my friend gave birth to her 2nd child. 

I couldn't believe it, and I thought was it that hard finding the place 3 years ago??  Probably not,  I seriously don't know what was wrong tonight.  I know who I can partly blame our little mishap tonight on.. the hospital directions I printed out.  Next time I will look the website just for the address and mapquest from there.  Or maybe I'll purchase a book of maps of the bay area.. since I have a tendency to get lost ((mostly in Alameda)).. or maybe I can spring and go all out for some type of GPS system.

w_clemmons says:
oh yeah, you definitely need a gps!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2008
RacquelT127 says:
hehe me too especially in alameda =)
Posted on: Dec 30, 2007
powdershredder says:
Funny! I've circled Alameda because my sense of direction at night is kaput!!!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2007
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photo by: callufrax