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Yesterday we got lucky! Today it has been raining all day long. It is funny how annoying could be for us, and how Dutch people don´t even notice it. We already had seen the weather forecast a few days ago, so we decided to do some cultural visits. First thing we did was to  visit the Rijks Museum as it is the most famous and largest in the country with more than a million visitors each year. Forget about taking photos there, they make you leave everything in a locker before going in. I am not a museum guy so I was all set after 45 min hahahh My only worry was to find a nice cafeteria inside so I could wait for my friends… I guess that if you visit Ámsterdam and you do not see the “Nightwatch” by Rembrandt, you miss something important.

When we finished our tour, it was pouring big time! Waow, it never stopped raining. We couldn’t go back walking, so we took a tranv back to the Flower Market. There we got in one of those coffee places next to a flower shop. What did I have? Well, the Dutch oficial drink… a Heineken! In all our weekend we haven´t had any problems communicating as most of the people speak English quite fluent. And from there we went to a cool restaurant! Its name was “La Place” … Well, let me explain, as it is something I hadnt seen before. It is a two floor building with lots of small restaurants cooking all kind of dishes (Thai, Italian, Duth and many others).  You just grab whatever you like and then there is a counter where you pay for everything you have ordered.
The top floor is where people sit down and eat. The view was amazing as the canal was next to it. It reminded me in a way to a food court in a big US mall. I had a nice Thai Curry with chicken & noodles and a Focaccia for starters… ufff…need to match my diet next week ;) hey, when you are 36 years old you cannot eat like crazy…

After having lunch we went to a cafeteria to have a nice capuccino and we went to buy some souvenirs. Ohhh big surprise! I found so many patches from countries I had visited… now I have to seal them all in my new jacket! It is funny how many collections I have already started (patches, cups, magnets, t-shirts, travel guides, maps, etc) and who knows how many I will start in my new journeys.. ☺

Interesting fact: All around Ámsterdam you find three crosses.
Since we arrived to the city we had been wondering until our bus tour guide told us that nobody really know what it means, but they think every cross represents “Fire, Water and Pest”.

Also it is interesting to know that all windmills in the city and in the outskirts are dated from the 16th-17th century. And in all of them there is people living in and taking care of them.

Ok, well that´s all for this long weekend! I am in the plane just putting together my notes… My head is already spinning thinking where to go next… this is addictive!

Last tip: Do not have mushrooms! It is not a good idea! And I strongly recommend to go out around Rembrandtplein…
tirsomaldonado says:
Mmm... maybe was just my perception, as they told us to leave all jackets and bags in a locker... although I did not see anyone taking photos... bummer! I wish I could have taken a photo next to "Night round" from Rembrandt then...
Posted on: Dec 05, 2007
X_Drive says:
I'm surprised to hear about no cameras in the Rijksmuseum. We were there 2 yrs ago and although much construction was goin on and we could only see a small part, we were allowed pictures (See my blog)
Posted on: Dec 04, 2007
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photo by: pearcetoyou