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As far as the weekend was concerned, I really can’t remember too much of what I did (mainly wandering around Sodermalm, gym, sleeping, photography, and shopping) but Friday was my big night to go out again. After leaving work a coworker and I walked to Kungsholmen (the island I live on) and went straight to an Irish bar. You know the bar is good when they have small taster glasses to sample the beer before ordering the one you want. I’m not sure how many “tastes” you can get, but regardless it was a nice gesture.

Next stop after the Irish bar was back to my coworkers place so we could drop off our stuff so we could go out. Of course, you know its going to be a good night because he poured two glasses of rum.

Straight. No ice. No mixers. And it went down phenomenally. We made a quick stop at a Kebab place (because a night isn’t complete without Kebab) and ventured to Sodermalm.

Sodermalm is the chill, middle class, trendy but not nightclub NYC trending/posh place to go for bars. Its the trendy non-trendy area to go. You can’t dress too nice but you can’t dress too poorly - its like our Whitlows (I think but maybe not because thats chalk full of fratty-pop-your-collar-flip-flops-in-the-winter-john-mayer crowd that I detest, but you get the point). The first place we stopped (Bar #1 - because I don’t have any receipts and cannot remember the name) we just had one beer but the bar made a unique impression on me. It was a small place that had a Nirvana-90s grunge feel.

Small, but cozy. And oddly a lot of girls with the 50s pinup feel. Odd. No more details.

Garlic and Shots was like an American biker bar just without the bikers. The walls were covered in American road sign-esque picture/signs. My coworker explained that this was the only bar like this in Stockholm. Personally, I thought it was crowded, tough to get a beer, and scenery as good as the Sahara Desert, but whatever. Maybe that’s why its the only one like it in Stockholm. So after one beer, we left. He did explain to me, thought, that this area was more of the real people of Stockholm. Which is refreshing for when. you. just. want. to. have a conversation. with a girl.

Bar #3, Imperiet (I know the name because I have many receipts - unfortunately - from this place) was a good change. A little more towards the modern, lounge feel but still with the Sodermalm crowd. Lots of open space, easy access to the bars, late 90s R&B and Rap going, and a good mix of people. Our night of drinks progressed from the house beer to rum and then to vodka.

As a side note for any guy coming to Sweden, my coworker explained to me that 99% of Swedish guys are too shy to talk to girls and so either two people of the opposite sex never talk to each other or the girl comes up to the guy. So this little nugget of information can lend itself to either (1) as an American guy being used to going up to women, approaching a woman in Sweden, instantly boosts your stock (2) there are more chances that a woman will approach you. So with that said option, (1) happened, (2) did not happen (I doubt this is even true). Regardless, the almost all-liquid diet helped in this endeavor… <annotated> .

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photo by: Chokk