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Yep, that’s right, a giant funnel. The omnipresent kebab stands have kebab med pitabrod which is basically a gyro. But this is special gyro because they take the pita, open it up, shape it like a funnel and then stuff a heap of gyro meat, pour in a red sauce, sprinkle it with lettuce and red onions, lather it with a cucumber sauce and top it off with two green hot peppers (but not really hot- they’re like the Dominos pizza peppers you get on the side).

Of course, it being funnel shape negates any chance of actually eating this “sandwich” without a utensil. Either (A) you have to make an attempt to fit your mouth around the large part to have a bite (B) Go “dunking-for-apples” style and just go straight into the heaping mess of wholesomey goodness or (C) eat the other end of the funnel - unheralded and unimaginable (D) use a fork or finally (E) All of the Above.

Well I chose (E).  After a busy night out on Friday, selection (E) was the best move I made that night (for better or worse).  I went to 4 different bars that night, gathering informtion about places to go and places to take friends. Each bar was unique (see the new bar page) and then ended up at my bread and butter - The White Room - at 2:30am.  I started out at Lemon and then to Allmanna both of which were more relaxed places to go with friends, listen to music, sit on couches and chill.  People go out to these places in groups and usually stay in those groups, so meeting people at these two places was a little harder and restrictive.  Plus, I wasn’t in the greatest mindset to be able to push “game.”  Every Friday we have an 8am conference call that I have to be at the office so, without any naps, my days almost push 24 hrs (up at 6:30am, home at 4:30am).  So I need to rethink Friday nightlife and how to make it better.

After leaving Allmanna I hopped on the blue line and went back to Stureplan.  I hit up Spy Bar (the original place I wanted to go to the first weekend) and found it to be fairly empty for what its all cracked up to be.  It was pretty big area with lots of space, open bar areas and R&B music (watching Swedes dance to rap music may be the funniest thing to watch. ever.).  I played some blackjack and got murdered for 250SEK.  The dealer hit every hand possible with 20s, 19s and 18s.  She busted maybe two, three times?  Most of the deck felt like it was with high cards, which is actually good for the player, but the house cleaned up. I talked to a few people but it wasn’t too succesful and I hobbled off to The White Room.

Somehow I managed to get into the White Room with no problem, even though there was a crowd of people at the ropes.  I guess its good to be just me and playing the clueless foreigner role.  White Room doesn’t disappoint too often and this one was trip was good but not as solid as the last time.

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photo by: Chokk