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Nothing too too exciting last weekend. I did go out in search of place to get a hair cut. I think there are more “Frisors” (hair dressers) on my one island than Hair Cutterys in Northern Virginia/Maryland/DC combined. Anyways, the place I went to last time, oddly, I couldn’t find again. So I ended up going to a hair salon (instead of a hole-in-the-wall place down an alleyway) for about 50 kr more.

I still stand by my decision.

I walked in to the expansive salon, 30 - 40 meters in length, fairly empty, about three customers, five or six employees. Rows and rows of hair products at the entrance to the left, an expresso machine to my right. They had an appointment in 10 minutes so I waited. After about 5 minutes, a 6 foot tall, slender Swedish girl with cropped blond hair, blue eyes and torn jeans walks over to me and asks me if I’m ready.


For a mens haircut, it certainly took a while (she didn’t use the buzzer) but I shouldn’t be complaining. We talked for quite a while, I was almost in love. The funny part was that this was her last day working at the salon. She sold her apt, sold her possessions, and bought a one way ticket to Australia. She had gotten sick of Sweden, its taxes, and weather, so she decided to pick up shop and go start life down under.

I silently commended her for her spontananity, but I wasn’t sure if it was a haphazard snap judgement guided by disparaging instances of Swedish misfortune or a genuine desire to move elsewhere. Regardless, here I was, getting a haircut from someone on their last day, probably not thinking about the quality of the haircut. But my hair, was the last thing on my mind. So after talking about everything and anything regarding life, she finished up. I walked out of the hair dresser and returned to Stockholm. She walked out and left for Melbourne. Such is life.

…and I had to go home and take a razor to touch up a few places….

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photo by: Chokk